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I Need More Weekend In My Life!

I vote for five day weekends and two day work weeks.  All in favor say “I”!

This past weekend was great, but !whew! was I a busy girl!  Since I was busy doing homework and watching Sunday night TV last night, I didn’t get a chance to do my week in review.  I figure now is as good a time as any…


 At work we had a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) fundraiser and I volunteered to compete and let me just tell you…DDR is wicked on the quads and calves!!!  It was a heck of a workout!  I didn’t win but it was a lot of fun and the kids loved it!   After work I headed home to get ready for my Gram’s 80th birthday dinner.  We held it on a restaurant on a lake and it was a great time.  I had the chicken parm which was to die for and a few glasses of much enjoyed wine.  Afterwards, my mom, my aunt and I all went to a local tavern for another drink.  All in all it was a great night with my family!


Saturday morning I slept in until 9am!!!  My awful-horrible-no-good-neighbor didn’t come home Friday night which meant I got to sleep in 🙂  The  rest of my morning was full of errands!  After almost a month of not food shopping (the situation in my fridge was pathetic) I was finally able to get to Trader Joes for some much needed items.  Then I hit up Target and went home to do laundry.  It felt really good to get so much done but seriously, I need a maid cause no matter how hard I try, my house aways seems to be cluttered!  Later, I decided to go for a run.  I can admit I have been a little lazy since my race and it was time to get back on the move.  It was a short run, because I had plans and needed to get home, but I did 3 miles @ 9:47 pace and felt pretty good the whole way.  Later that night I went out with a friend for another fun night past my bedtime!


I finished up my food shopping (I shop at like three different places) and went down to my parents house.  I visited with my Pop-Pop and cut my Mom-Mom’s hair.  Then I met up with my mom and we had a nice lunch followed by a very uneventful shopping trip.  I was once again unable to find pants that fit me which sucked, but on the upside I did get two new shirts.  Afterwards, it was back home for a night full of homework followed by some Sunday night TV. 

This week…you guessed it…busy busy!   I feel like I have a paper due every week!  On top of work and school, I am officially in apartment hunting mode- after two consecutive horrible living experience, I am being fairly picky this time and therefore starting early.  Here are my rules:  no complex’s, must have on-site parking and a W&D and most important…I do not want to live under anyone EVER again!  My lease is up in February which seems like a long ways away but I know it will come quick so I am looking now.  Also, I am looking to get back to spin class tomorrow- I really need to get my workouts back on a regular schedule, so I am hoping to get a few runs in this week as well. 

Om, so this post was a little all of the place (scattered, a little like me lately!) and kind of whiney (yuck!) so my thank for sticking it out.  For now, I will leave you with some photos from my Gram’s party on Friday night:

gramMy Gram with her cake 🙂


My mother and I – everyone thinks she is my sister!


My parents and I ♥

6 thoughts on “I Need More Weekend In My Life!

  1. Your mom really looks like your sister 🙂
    With such a busy weekend I can imagine you want more days in it.

    Good luck on your papers this week and hopefully you do find some time to run.

  2. Such a PRETTY picture…wow your Mom looks so young…which is a huge bonus for you!! Busy busy times….but sleeping in to 9am, Oh I wish I wish 🙂 Hubby and I get more done by 9am than most people do the entire weekend.

    OK should we start a petition or something I am 333% with you on the 2 day work week…

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