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Invasion Of The Personal Running Circle

With all my whining yesterday I neglected to write about my most recent gym experience.   

I very much dislike the treadmill and avoid it at all costs, so going to the gym on such a beautiful day (it has been 70 with low humidity the past few days- perfect!) was tough.  I had planned this though because I am trying to get back into a routine and wanted to do some lifting.  If I ran at home, I never would have made it to the gym, and likewise if I had went to lift, I never would have ran outside.  Therefore, treadmill it was. 

[Note: you may expect a ‘just kidding’ behind what I am about to tell you next, but I assure this happened for real]

So there I was on the treadmill and all of the sudden this dude gets on the treadmill next to me and started with the questionable behavior.  First of all…there were approximately five open treadmills with no one on the ones next to them, but he chooses to get on the one right next to mine.  When the guy first got on the treadmill, I was stretching and instead of starting his run he was just standing there on a non-moving treadmill.  Then when I did get started he was just staring at me.  I always put a shirt over the time/miles part of the treadmill or else I tend to fixate on it, so once I had myself set up I put the shirt over and started my run.  I happened to notice he also set his treadmill on the same speed as me.  Typically throughout the run, I will change my speed, but since I know the machine so well, I dont have to move the shirt.  About a mile or so into my run, the guy stops running…and I am so not kidding lifts my shirt off the machine.  I give him a look that screams “get out of my personal circle” and this is the conversation that follows:

Me: (turning my ipod off, staring at him confused) Can I help you?

Guy: (all nonchalantly as if this isn’t weird) I just wanted to see how fast you were going.

Me: (with an even more confused look) Why?

Guy: (as if this is a normal occurence and people do this all the time) So I could pace with you…like having a running partner.

Me: (with a reaallllly confused look) Oh. Okay well, please don’t touch my shirt again.

Guy: (as if I haven’t said anything) You have nice legs…like a runner.

Me: (completely creeped out) Uh, thanks (turn my ipod back on)

Mind you, I continued to run through this whole conversation.  After I turned my ipod back on, he still continued to look over at me but thankfully didn’t try to look under my shirt again.  I caught him glancing over every time I lifted it to wipe my face but just I just stared straight ahead and kept running.  He eventually got off (about a mile before I was done) but seriously…what a creepster!  And he is also a gross pig because he didn’t bother to come wipe down his machine when he was done either! Ew.

Really, sometimes I think this stuff only happens to me!  

At any rate I had a good run…I did 4 miles at 11:27 pace and felt good.  I also lifted and did some ab work.  Tomorrow I will go to spin class and Thursday I am planning a short run before work (no class Thurs night 🙂 ) in final preparation for Baltimore.  I am not too concerned about speed/pace/distances this week because like I said before, I am running Baltimore for fun and with no PR goal time expectations.  I just want to have a fun and pain free race. 

With all the crappy crappiness in my life lately, running and sticking to my gym routine is even more important.  It is the one thing that clears my mind.  I remember how as a kid, I hated  running and now I cannot imagine my life without this wonderful outlet.   And once again, I thank you interwebs for all your love and support.


7 thoughts on “Invasion Of The Personal Running Circle

  1. I hate to say it, but I think the Running Gods were punishing you for stepping onto the treadmill on such a beautiful day.

    On the other hand, I know people. So just say the word and that guy will never set foot on a treadmill again.

  2. That would completely freak me out! Jamoosh will indeed take care of it for you! 🙂

    Re your venting post, sorry all this crap is happening, and I can totally relate. I admire you for not yet going postal, which is what I feel like doing half the time (dear US government internet spies, if you are reading this, I am kidding)…

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