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Squish A Boob & Save A Life

Unless you live under a rock you are all aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Breast Cancer is close to my heart as I have known many people who have been affected by the horrible disease.  In February 2010, I am running the Donna Half-Marathon (with Morgan!!!) to support breast cancer.  100% of the race proceeds go to breast cancer research.

I do not want to overdose you with statistics that you can read anywhere.  I do however, want to share a few things to spread awareness.

This is my favorite shirt in reference to breast cancer.


I love this one too



Great video!

You may remember me telling you about JILLWILLRUN and her amazing trip to Washington DC for the Global Race for Hope. Well she and her mother participated in this documentary!  Major props!!

For you readers; two Pay It Forward requests:

-Please take a few moments, if you don’t already, and check yourself.  Then tell five people and ask them to tell five people.  Think about the people you can reach by just telling five people!

-Spread your own message: write you own blog entry about Breast Cancer or post some pictures or if you don’t want to do your own, feel free to link people here.  Please…just get the message out.


This post is in honor of my grandmother, a two time breast cancer survivor (1975 &1984).  She turned 86 last month.  Here she is with me soon after I was born in 1981.


What are some ways breast cancer has touched your life?  How are you spreading awareness?


6 thoughts on “Squish A Boob & Save A Life

  1. I love the documentary… I actually watched it twice. Inspiring and heartwarming. JillWillRun and her mom are both so inspiring!

  2. I am so excited for our Half!!! Great post and I will be wearing my pink Halo Headband this weekend in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as a ribbon for my Aunt.

  3. Thank you so much for this post and for spreading the message. I love the items you’ve referenced in this post. My mom has considered that “the real ones tried to kill me” shirt, but she’s a little scared about wearing it in public! One of these days I’m going to get to Florida to do the Donna race! Again, thanks for sharing the message about Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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