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Props Wednesday- Meet Aron

Meet Aron.

I have been a reader of Aron’s blog since before I started my own blog.  I was drawn to her blog for a few reasons:  she is a kick-ass runner, she writes honestly and openly and her doggies Kylie and Emma are tooooo cute.  But then very best thing about Aron is how down to earth she is; Aron’s blog has a very high readership and it would be easy for her to get a big head and become clique-like about who she will or will not read/comment.  But that is so far from the truth- Aron takes the time to respond to all her readers, whether it is the form of a post or in a comment.  I appreciate that and think it is a large part of why she has such a great following.

I have learned so much from reading Aron’s blog- she is brutally honest when it comes to her training, racing and reflections after a race.  I admire this in a blogger because it takes guts to really put how you feel out in the open.  Aron does not hold back; she embraces the good days and also the bad.  She revels in a great race and accepts the not-so-great.  She is positive and encouraging.  Like I stated before, Aron is real.

Aron has been chronicling her journey for a little over two and half years when she was training for her first marathon.  Since then, she has run 5 full marathons and a host of other distance races.  Aron has hopes of, at her next marathon, getting the conveted BQ and whether she does it next month or next year, I know Aron will one day be running Boston.

Many of you already have “met” Aron and a few of you have been lucky enough to meet her in person too!  For those of you who aren’t familar with her blog, check her out!

6 thoughts on “Props Wednesday- Meet Aron

  1. I heart Aron, she is the best! 🙂

    And for real… get out of my head! We followed all the same blogs before we starting writing our blogs at the same time! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. I am blessed and lucky enough to call Aron my friend in real life. I’m here to echo that she is exactly who she is in person as on her blog. I agree that this is why she has so many readers and inspires so many…she is real, honest, and giving. She values everyone who follows her, even when her google reader count is insane. And it’s because she really does care about you.

    Thank you for highlighting my friend. She is truly an awesome person.

    P.S. Love your blog style! I’m adding you to my reader!

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