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Rain, Rain…Go Away!

Dear Sunshine, Please come out.  Love Jillian

I think Mother Nature forgot that it is fall because lately it has been in the forties and rainy all day!  Blah. 

I have a super fabulous weekend planned and I am not going to allow a little cold and rain to ruin it! 

Tonight it is all about the Phillies- Game 2.  Last night was a real nail biter and I spent most of the game pacing and watching with my hands over my face!  It was insane with little time to get my heart rate in check. 

Tomorrow I have a 5k.  It is slated to be 42 degrees and raining.  Oh and the entire course is down by the river, so it’s going to be a cold one!  I love this race though and would run it in any weather.  The race is in my hometown and I know the course well.  I ran it last year in the freezing cold and already wasn’t feeling well, so it was not one of my finer races.  I am looking forward to a course PR and perhaps another sub-30?!?!?    Tomorrow night I am going out for my friend’s birthday to an authentic Mexican resturant.  Mexican is pretty much my favorite so I am looking really forward to this meal and some post-race margaritas! YUM!

Sunday I have a team meeting.  We were supposed to go on a Hayride but the stupid rain isn’g going anywhere fast so it was cancelled and moved to a not-so-fun (read: not a hayride) location.  The best thing about Sunday is that it is my Pop-Pop’s birthday.  He has been really sick this year and there were many long nights in hospitals where we didn’t think he was going to make it.  He is still pretty sick but he has hung on; this birthday means so much because I honestly didn’t know if we would be celebrating it this year.  I seriously love my Pop-Pop so much and I am just so happy that I will get to see him on his birthday. 

A pic of me and my Pops in 2006- I really hate how I look here but it is such a great pic of him!


I hope everyone has a great weekend.  There are a lot of races going on this weekend- good luck to everyone! 

6 thoughts on “Rain, Rain…Go Away!

  1. I’m glad you’re still blogging!!

    The Baltimore Marathon went right by my apartment! I was wondering if any bloggers were running in it 🙂

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