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Yesterday I ran the Delanco 5k.  Delanco is my hometown; very small, one stop light, one 7-11, no high school and all of approximately 3,500 people total kind of town.  It is a beautiful town and it was a wonderful place to grow up.

As for the report…it is as small as the race:

The race usually pulls in around 75-100 people and is still chipped the old fashion way, so needless to say, it is a really small no-frills race.  Add in pouring rain and freezing cold temps and small becomes much smaller.  The official results aren’t posted yet but my guess is there were no more than 40 runners yesterday.

I debated back and forth between going through with running; it was so very cold and I was soaked before it even started!  But this is me we are talking about and I don’t just give up.  So there I was at the start line, half numb  to begin with and off we went!  I ran the race in a hoodie (I was too freezing cold to take it off) which was a first for me and by the first 500 yards my shoes were full of water from all the unavoidable puddles.  The race is along the river and the wind off the water was brutal.  Thank goodness I had the hoodie which I could put over my face.  I won’t lie, it was a tough 3.1 miles.

My watch had me come in at 31:47.  Not a sub-30, but it was a course PR!  I don’t know where I landed overall but it was good enough for a 2nd place AG award.

And now that you read that and got all excited for me, I will come clean…

I did win 2nd place AG…but…there were only two people IN my age group!!!

So basically I could have walked the whole course and STILL been 2nd!  I will admit I was a little embarrassed at first and felt kind of lame, but then I took on the attitude that a win is a win is a win is a win!  And I walked away with a bottle of red wine, a $20 gift certificate to dicks and a silver medal….so I’ll take it!

So that my friends is how you get to be second…AND…last!

delancoAt my parents house…before the race and before the hoodie!

delanco2In the middle (gray hoodie) behind the hardcore dude in shorts!

delanco3Here I come, completely soaked and frozen cold!

delanco4With my Dad…proud of me no matter how many people are in my AG!!!

Hope all of you survived your respective races- heard it was cold in Denver this morning!!!!

10 thoughts on “Second…AND…Last!

  1. Even though it rained, it was cold and you were last, euh second 🙂 it seemed like a nice run just because there weren’t that many runners. I’ve done 3 runs so far: two busy ones and one with not so many runners and I prefer the ones where there aren’t so many people.

  2. Remember when my friend’s daughter came in dead last and still won third place AG medal? Even she cracks up about it still.


    I did that in a swim race – 2nd out of two, and someone told me to only care about my place and not the number of people in my AG. I like that idea! HAHA!

    Anyway, those are my favorite kinds of races. They are so cosy! And people seem to be more relaxed. Not to mention not having to fight “traffic” in the first mile of the race…

    Oh, and your award rocks! I haven’t had a race with such a good award in a while!

  4. tough 3.1 miles but you did it! and hey you got rewarded for your effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE getting prizes, it’s so encouraging and makes you want to come back and run again:) awwwwwwww- proud papa!!!! i hear ya on the cold and rain! as soon as you stop running it is ice cube in the making!!! 🙂 you got some great photos. nice job in your race!

  5. Second is still second! Congrats. And kudos to you for setting a PR in that miserable weather. I think I would have stayed in bed! Good to see you don’t let anything stop you.

  6. congrats on the ag award, no matter how many people were running! you beat a heck of a lot of people out of bed, so you’re far from last. sounds like you scored some sweet prizes too – can’t complain there 🙂

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