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Sicky Onelittletrigirl


Not feeling so well over here, that is for sure.  I am pretty sure this is a food reaction and (luckily) not the flu or something.  No fever and no aches…just me and my stomach not getting along.  I’ll spare you the details.

Due to my sickyhead status, I am taking a sick day tomorrow.  At the very least I will be able to catch up on much needed sleep/rest and maybe get ahead on some homework.  I really hate being out sick but I know if I try to work through it, and it is more than just a food issue, I will only be worse off in the end.

For now..real quick week in review:

  • Two runs: both were in the 11/min pace and felt great.  In both cases I was stuck on the treadmill, once because of the early darkness and once because of pouring rain.  I never run as well on the treadmill as I do outside, but these runs were both successful.  With Philly around the corner, I am really trying to make every single run count!
  • Spin class Tuesday was SO HARD to get up for…the Phillies had played the night before and I didn’t go to bed until @2am.  The wake up call for spin is 4:30 so as you can imagine it was a tough morning.  But no matter how tired I am, I always feel better after a good hard workout.
  • So as you can tell from my previous post– I am STOKED about my Phillies making it to the World Series.  As I write this I am watching the Yankees/Angels; I am pulling for the Angels but I have to say it would be WAY sweeter to beat the Yankees.  Sorry to any Yankees fans but I hope you GO DOWN HARD.  And to my fellow Philadelphia fans- LETS GO PHILLIES!!!
  • I am debating at 10k for next Sunday.  Rutgers is one of the major sponsors and it goes over the bridge to Philly and back…it is a really good race from what my friends tell me…I just feel a little burned out from racing and think I should stick to my solo training.  I am very indecisive when it comes to this kind of stuff, so I am sure I will debating it all the way until Saturday night!

Okay kids, that is all I have for tonight…lame, I know!  Hopefully my stomach and I will be getting along much better come tomorrow morning.

7 thoughts on “Sicky Onelittletrigirl

  1. I hope you are feeling better!! If the race does not cost too much you could use it as training…but if you are burnt out you may want to pass..

    FYI you may want to check my Blog today…a great Giveaway and the WINNERS announced from my SIlly Warmer giveaway.

    Hugs rest up!!

  2. if you feel burned out (and sick!) you should def take the weekend off/no 10k. but if you are up to it, racing will def help you work on speed and who knows what might happen- it sounds like a fun race, too.

    hope you feel better soon!!!!

    sometimes it is really therapeutic to run in the dark. as long as the route is semi-lit and safe. i like feeling like i’m the only one out there on the roads 🙂

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