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Props Wednesday- Meet Erin

Yeah, I know, it’s Thursday. But I write the blog so I can break the rules. I know, rebel behavior.

Meet Erin.

This is officially my first food blog props.  I am very picky about the foody blogs I read, because in my opinion, pictures of food can be, well…boring.  There I said it. I don’t particularly like looking at pictures of food. But I do love Erin’s blog. A lot. Food pictures and all.

Why do I lover Erin and her blog?  It is like no other food blog I have ever come across.  For one, it isn’t solely a food blog.  Erin also writes about being economically friendly, eating ethically, books she has read and all the places she has traveled.  Oh and her three loves: Hilary (a super cute dog), the Steelers (her favorite team ever) and uh, right…her husband.

Erin is an ecologist (how awesome of a job is that!) so when she writes about the environment and ethical eating, she knows what she is talking about.  I have learned so much from reading Erin’s blog that I have applied to my own life.  I won’t lie, I still eat things from time to time that would probably make Erin scream, but for the most part I have really changed how I look at what I am eating.  It is a different piece to the nutrition puzzle, that before I came across her blog, I really didn’t know existed.   I had for a long time been shopping (as much as I can) organic and staying away from fast food (it has been years and years) but I never gave much thought from the food sources I was supporting.  This year, I made an extra effort to visit local farmers markets that are directly benefited by my purchases.  I believe that I have been greatly and positively influenced by reading what Erin has to say.  In addition to her own knowledge, Erin frequently reviews books, articles and products that are super helpful.

When it comes to living life to the fullest, Erin gets it.  Seriously…she holds a full-time job (with an hour commute), she writes a kick ass blog and manages to have a pretty amazing social life.  And she is well-traveled too- I am super jealous of all the amazing places she has been such as France, Australia, Switzerland, Costa Rica and China to name a few. 

All around I just think of Erin as a really inspiring person who has a lot to offer the world.  And who knows she may have something to offer you- so go check her out!

And here is a pic just for you Erin:



5 thoughts on “Props Wednesday- Meet Erin

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  2. I just read through page one of Erin’s site and it’s a great blog. You’re right, some food blogs get rather tedious, it’s nice to find someone different! Thanks for the recommendation!

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