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Week In Review and Updates

Even though the individual days go by slow at times, 2009 is really flying.  And I for one, am more than ready for 2010!  Bring it on!

This past week seriously…I am not even sure where it went!  It was both Spirit Week and Halloween at my school and by Friday I was spent!  Spirit week is pretty huge at my school filled with dress up days, cake decorating contests, trivia, door decorating and after-school activities every day.  On Wed there was a DDR competition…I got a heck of a workout jumping around for 15 straight mins.  I need one of those in my house, for real!  The entire week commences Friday, which was also Halloween with first a parade for the 4th grade, parties in the rooms and an afternoon spirit assembly. So yeah, crazy week!!!

  • Monday I stayed home sick and between the exhausting days, school work and the Phillies, I only managed two posts. Yeah, bad blogger!   
  • I did not go to spin class Tuesday cause I still wasn’t feeling great.
  • I did not go to class Wednesday and Thursday it was cancelled.
  • Friday I took a very very long nap!

So what DID I do??? 

You may remember a few recent posts wherein it seemed I might be going crazy…well, I still am but I have been making some serious headway and can finally see a small little light at the end of the far away tunnel. Progress, right??

  • I made an appointment with the Assistant Dean of Students to talk about my problems with Math.  I have a feeling this is going to be a long road, but I am ready.  I feel like I have a real learning disability and all I need is someone to hear me.  I contacted my elementary, middle and high schools and got copies of all my old test scores that show a trend of high level Language and Writing skills and a low-level of Math skills.  My transcripts also show the years I spent in Basic Skills.  I have my community college transcripts that show I took lower level maths (and failed) twice before finally passing.  And of course there is RU in general, where I have taken Math four times and not passed once.  Four semesters.  A lot of money.  Seriously, who would do this for no reason???  So anyway, I may not have answers and I might not get them in this meeting, but I made a meeting.  I am ready to fight for what I think it right. Keep your fingers crossed 🙂
  • I put a bid in on a new apartment.  I sent my landlord a letter in reference (once again) to my neighbor.  In this letter I mentioned my plans to move.  I decided I am not going to tolerate it any longer.  I do not deserve to be treated this way and this is HIS problem, not mine.
  • I spent Wednesday night (since  I didn’t go to class), Friday night (after my nap) and most of Saturday afternoon at he library catching up on school work.  I am fully caught up and it feels great!  I know myself, I am a procrastinator by nature and I will get behind again…but for now, I am caught up.
  • I had two really, REALLY, great runs this week.  Especially yesterday- 4 miles at @10min pace…EASY.  Yes…I went out for an easy run and did 10-min miles!  Yeah, Julia Given thinks I am slow…whatev.
    • My runs as of late have been averaging 3-6 miles.  I imagine I will get in an 8 and a 10 in the next two weekends but for the most part my runs are going to remain at low-mileage due to time constraints between it getting darker earlier and responsibilities.  But even still, I feel really positive going into Philly in 3.5 weeks.

Also worth mentioning…

  • I sent a cleaned up letter version of this post into the NY Times.  The column kept eating at me, even after I wrote about it.  I thought about sending it in and all of your comments (thank you!!) gave me the confidence to do so.  I really enjoyed seeing what you all had to say.  To date, it was my most read post 🙂  Keep your eyes peeled…who knows, maybe they will print it! 
  • I won TallMom’s hand and foot warmer give-a-way.  LOVE!!  Last year, the Philly race started @ 14 degrees. I am so happy to have these on deck if needed this year.  Thanks for running the contest Mel! 
  • I signed up for the Donna 1/2 Marathon that I am running with Morgan.  We have a fabulous weekend planned and I. Am. So. Excited!!!!
  • I planned my 2010 race calendar and I cannot wait to post and get your feedback.  In includes some repeat races that I love, some new ones I am excited to try out and three destination races!  
  • Today was the bridge run.  After a long week, having at times not felt well, I decided against it.  Best decision for me. 

How are you spending the last months of 2009?  Are you excited for 2010? 

PS- If you haven’t already….don’t forget to turn your clocks back and check your smoke detector batteries 🙂

3 thoughts on “Week In Review and Updates

  1. Wauw you really made progress this week on your decisions/things that we’re bothering you.

    I’m not really thinking about 2010 yet. I live mostly by the day because tomorrow might be a beautiful day which passes by if you don’t enjoy it by looking to the future.

    I love November and December although work is extremely busy these months, but I have usually lots of fun stuff to do these months.

    I’m really looking forward to your race plan for 2010.

  2. I have the Las Vegas RnR half in December. I’ll probably do a Turkey Trot before the year is out too. Right now, I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to 2010 or not yet… Still trying to decide what I’m doing!

    I’m super jealous that you’re doing the Donna race. I would love to do that one.

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