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Props Wednesday- Meet Mel

Meet Mel.

I am telling you all to meet Mel, but I have a feeling most of you already have.  She has a readership, that I must admit, I am jealous of…everyone reads her blog.  If you haven’t met Mel yet, I highly suggest you check her out.  She found me a few months ago and I am so glad she did!

Here’s the other thing about Mel…I am pretty sure she is super-human.  Either that, or she never sleeps.  In addition to her blog, Mel is a wife, mother, an event planner and super fast amazing runner!  Just how amazing of a runner?  7-minute mile pace amazing, first place at her most half marathon kind of amazing.  Ah-Maz-Ing. Got it?

Not only is Mel a great runner but she has one of the best running blogs out there.  She is super supportive and the most genuinely encouraging blogger that I have come across.  And you know what…Mel acknowledges ALL her readers.  It is so obvious that Mel really cares about her readersShe always welcomes new readers to her blog and makes an effort to visit all of their blogs.  She does frequent give-a-ways and product reviews and every Friday she gives out High-Fives to her readers for various different reasons.  I have been a recipient of these high-fives in the past and really appreciate them. 

Not only is her blog informational and inspirational but it is colorful and full of pictures.  Reading Mel’s blog makes me happy.  She radiates such a positive energy and really focuses on the up-side of life.  Mel is refreshing and real and I urge you to stop by her blog and say hello.  

Mel- here is a special quote just for you, since I know you love them!!


12 thoughts on “Props Wednesday- Meet Mel

  1. OK WOW! I feel so honored right now I am about to tear up, seriously I am a ball bag.. Just when I was writing about applause…CRAZY!!

    Thank you!! Thank you!!

    I am in no way super-human…I wish, then maybe I could zap away the stretch marks and zits.. I just find time here or there to fit things in. Blogging has opened up a new world to me…a world of people, places, races, products.. AMAZING..

    You know what is FUNNY? I am pretty sure that I put that quote on the package that I am dropping in the mail for you today.. I LOVE it!!

    Hugs and thank you so much for making my day, week, month….

  2. I found her last week or maybe the one before that and Yes she is great! I love your blog too though! what a super nice thing of you to do to say all those wonderful things about her! Have a great day!

  3. I love Mel. She can make you feel like you are her very best friend in one comment post. I love her. She is truly amazing. I wonder all the time how/when she has the time to keep up with so many blogs/runners/races… as she has a normal life already. Job/mom/wife/friend/women… busy gal she is… Love her to pieces and I haven’t even met her… yet. 😉

  4. Aw, I am glad 🙂

    And no thanks needed- you deserve it.

    As for my name, I go by both…so either way is good with me!

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