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Three Things Thursday

See my title?  I stole the idea from Morgan. But we are cool like that, so it’s all good. Yes, I said “cool like that” and “all good” cause I love the 90’s.

And that is kind of a lie because even though today I am doing a “Three Things Thursday”, my intention is to do this as “Three Things Tuesday” beginning next week.  So it’s not exactly a steal. Ah, rationalization.

But really, the truth is, I have been looking for another weekly feature; right now I have Props Wednesday, Sunday Week in Review, Thursday TiaRT (sometimes) and Looking Back (not on a specific day) which help to keep me regularly posting but by the years end two of those will be over so another one was needed.

And so it begins…3 Things Thursday…soon to be 3 Things Tuesday….

1. Today is my Daddy’s birthday- My dad and I have a wonderful relationship and I feel so very grateful for him in my life.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures of my dad and I.

dad2So loving…

dadDancing to “Build Me Up Buttercup”at my Dad’s 50th birthday…15 years ago!!!

2. I ate a butterfinger blizzard today- Gross right. But oh, sooooooooooo good!!! Seriously. It has probably been years since I gave in and had one of these; I typically avoid places like Dairy Queen and Sonic who both carry these monsters.  Ironically enough, I just commented about this on another blog (can’t remember who…sorry!).  Here is how it went down: I took my Gram out for lunch.  They had this on the menu for dessert.  As soon as I saw it, it was over.  I didn’t eat the whole thing but I did love every bite!  Looks like I better tack on a few more miles to tomorrows run…

3. I am holding my first bloggy give-a-way soon- I have been thinking about this for well over a month; I have been wanting to do one but was waiting for the right time.  I am soon coming up on my 150th post and in honor of it, I will be doing my very first give-a-way.  No more details for now, so  you’ll have to stay tuned but I promise it is full of goodies and easy to enter!


6 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. If I could post pictures here (can I?) I would put up (1) the pic of you and daddy laughing @ my 50th and (2) the pic of the two of you at our 25th anniversary party where he is dipping you.

  2. yes! those are the best pictures 🙂 we’ve recently been scannign photos from childhood and gosh they are priceless.

    and seriously, sometimes you jsut need to go for the real treats! that blizzard sounds spectacular 🙂

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