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Gotta Snap Out Of It!

I am really down about news I got at school:

On Wednesday, I jumped through many hoops at school in regards to the Math class.  Basically my type of learning disability requires a state evaluation and testing which costs over $1,000.  And even if the testing proves the disability exists, there is no guarantee that the Academic Policy Committee would approve my appeal.  That is a lot of money to spend for what could be nothing.  I am at a  bit of a stop right now, and it really does seem hopeless, but I am still going to press on.  This week I am making an appt with the head of the Math department to discuss alternative options and I still plan to write a letter to both the Dean of Students and the Head of the Academic Policy Committee even if I don’t get the testing done.  At this point, all they can say is no…in which case, I am no worse off than I am at this moment.

This was a four day weekend.  And I spent the majority of it throwing myself a pity party.

But it is time to snap out of it!!

The thing is, it looks as though I am not graduating.  I mean, all signs point that way.  And that sucks hardcore. And I deserve to be sad and depressed and angry but laying around feeling sorry for myself is not going to change my situation.  And letting it affect other aspects of my life is just cutting my nose to spite my face.  So am I down…yes.  And I going to stay down…no!


In other Week in Review news…

Recently, I have been lifting and taking one spin class a week but I have been focusing my training only on running.  Tri season is over and I was feeling a bit burnt out, but this week I decided to jump back in the pool.  The extended weekend meant more time for the gym and I took full advantage.  The thing is, I love swimming…whether I am just doing laps or if I am running drills with myself, I just love being in the water.  And boy have I missed it!  Since it has been over two months since I swam, I just got in the water and had fun with it.  I didn’t pay attention to the clock and only ended up swimming about 1200 meters, but it was a nice 1200 meters; slow freestyle and just alone in the water with my thoughts.  While I was going back and forth from wall to wall, I really gave some thought to my winter training/maintenance plans which I will be sharing in a post later this week.

The long weekend was a small reminder of summer because of all the extra gym time.  Sometimes during the week, working out seems like a chore- I don’t always want to do it and sometimes slack with my lifting or sleep in instead of going to spin class.  But not this week.  This week, in addition to the swimming, I did my weekly spin class and had two really good lifting sessions.  And I got in two quality runs as well.  I wish every weekend was four days long!!!

Oh, and about the running…my two runs this week could not have been more different.  It really could be the tale of two runs!

  • Run 1: 38 degrees and dark so forced inside on the treadmill.  Knees felt great and I ran well.  But I only managed a 10:50 pace.
  • Run 2: 62 degrees and sunny. Outside run. Knee was annoying me and so was my left ankle (that’s new), plus my breathing was all out of whack and I got into a major coughing fit at one point.  Run sucked.  But I still managed to run a 10:38 pace.


Philly is two weeks away and I am sure hoping to have weather like today, good knees (and ankles) and run a good pace.  If I have all three of those things in my favor, I will be a happy little runner girl.


Hope you all are enjoying the first week of November!

By the way readers…remember this post only a few weeks ago when I stated there were 10 weeks (72 days) left in the year; well, now we are at less than 7 weeks (53 days)!!


8 thoughts on “Gotta Snap Out Of It!

  1. Sorry about the news at school. I hope it works out!!!

    Congrats on the 2 weeks till Philly man it always gets so real for me when it’s two weeks away!

  2. I know quite a few people with learning disabilities and they struggle big time with getting the testing done! It seems like the schools are very reluctant. I hope things get better.

    I LOVE exercising when I have a long weekend! I wish I could go swimming! 🙂

  3. I’m sorry about the school stuff girl, I know how bad you just want to be done with it. 😦

    You were busy this weekend! Get your fitness on! LOL!

    I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by.

  4. Sorry about the news. That does stink. But, yeah, don’t stay down.

    I hope the weather stays like this, too. So nice! It would be great if you had good weather for Philly. Good luck over the next two weeks!

  5. wow that is tough news. i can’t believe you have to pay for assessment stuff that should be part of the deal under some sort of equal education access law. right??? apparently not.

    can’tn believe the end of the year is so near…!!

  6. This sucks Jillian, isn’t there any other way to graduate? I hope you find a solution and do graduate.

    Great workouts over the weekend!
    I hate the treadmill so I’m still running outside even though it’s getting colder and it rains more often but I love to run outside.

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