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TiaRT- What’s Your Race Style?

This weeks TiaRT comes from Joanna at Morning Runner and she asks: What is your favorite race?  Do you live for the marathons or crave a 5k?  Would you rather race in the morning, afternoon, or at night?  Do you like big races with tons of people and encouraging crowds or do you prefer the smaller hometown races?

My favorite races: 

Road: Broad Street 10 Miler in Pa, Philadelphia Distance Run (13.1)

Triathlon: Philly Women’s Triathlon.

My favorite distance:

Road:  I really like running 1/2 marathons but my favorite distance is 10 miles.  To me, it is the perfect amount of miles.

Triathlon: The sprint distance is the only one I have competed in, but I really do like it.  This year I will be doing an Olympic distance race, so I guess I will know then which I prefer.

My favorite race time:

Road and Triathlon: I like early races.  For one, it is not too hot and for two I am awake and ready to go.  Of course, with that said, a 9am race would be nice every now and again.

My favorite size race:

Road:  While I do prefer larger races, honestly the size doesn’t really matter to me.  As far as spectators, I like it to be parrallel with the distance; for instance, if it is a small race, then I don’t expect a whole lot of people but if it is a half-marathon then I do expect a lot of people. 

Triathlon:  Even though it makes for a crowded swim, I really like the bigger races when it comes to triathlon.  In my experience, the bigger races are better organized and are just more fun in general.


5 thoughts on “TiaRT- What’s Your Race Style?

  1. I love that you answered for both! I really must try a triathlon, it is one of my New Year’s goals for 2010. Regarding 10 miles, you know I love me a 10 miler!!! 🙂

  2. btw, i came back to comment on the comment you left re: food inc.,… did you change your blog around? i love it!!!!!! the header is fabulous and i am just loving the layout it’s very clean and inviting 😉

    okay! so on to your comment– i feel EXACTLy the same way. you work in schools??? what do you do? i have always worked with kids, but most of my time has been with kids with special needs, on the autism spectrum. but i’ve also worked as a teacher and a coach, and i just feel like schools are really the place that needs to clean up their act the most! i mean that’s where kids are (hopefully). i will never get over the part in food, inc. where the (hispanic?) girl’s family was talking about their lifestyle then it showed her in school in a circle discussion and the teacher had the kids raise their hands if they had a family member with diabetes,… 2 fam members,… 3… and all the hands were still raised!!!!!!!!!! that is OUTRAGEOUS. kids are growing up with this and the cycle needs to STOP.

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