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Change Is Good

Perhaps you noticed my new layout change…

Seriously, I love it.  And this is me patting myself on the back 🙂

The new custom header is from my first tri- I am not sure which one is me, but I am out there I assure you!  In addition to the header, I wanted a more (as Lacey so nicely put it) clean and inviting look.  Mission accomplished????

And speaking of change….

My blog-roll also needed a make-over.  A serious one.  I took notice of the fact that my Reader and my Blog-Roll didn’t really match up.  I like having a blog-roll but I think it is important to keep it cleaned and up-to-date.  I had blogs on there that hadn’t been written on since summer!  Although at one time they were blogs I read religiously and really liked, I feel like if you choose to have a blog-roll and promote certain blogs, you need to be fairly selective.  In addition, because I am a bitch honest, I will tell you straight out…I took the blogs off that never comment me or acknowledge the comments I leave for them.  You might remember this post-yeah, we all have our pet-peeves.  I do not believe in promoting the blogs of people I have attempted to connect with who have no desire to do so and aren’t appreciative of my readership, especially when I have readers who do connect and are appreciative.  I think of my blog like I do friendships…it isn’t how many readers/friends I have, it is the quality of the ones I do have.  [Note: I am never offended when I do not appear on one’s blog-roll.  And I totally understand why some people choose not to have one at all.]  So, incase I don’t say it enough…I appreciate ALL OF YOU and really love the connections I have made (especially the personal ones that reach outside of the blog).  I have made every effort to update my blog-roll but it is entirely possible that I missed you- if I did…please let me know so I can add you to the list. 

What are you thoughts on blog-rolls??  Do you like them?  Do you have one?  Why or why not?  How do you decide who to include?  I am really interested in your thoughts.


TGIF readers- hope everyone has a GREAT weekend 🙂


18 thoughts on “Change Is Good

  1. Okay, first of all, LOVE your new layout!!!! The colors, the header – awesome! I’ve been wanting to revamp mine, but it looks like I’ll have time after/during Christmas only!

    Secondly, THANK YOU for listing my blog on your blogroll. I feel very special! 🙂

    And I so agree – blogging is about community, a conversation.

  2. I just recently found your blog via another blog I follow and love! TallMomOnTheRun – Mel is just the very best!! Love her! Anyway, I read blogs (and almost always comment) that inspire, educate or connect with me on some level. I write my blog to share my little life of running with bits and pieces of my wonderful family thrown in.

    Blog roll (oh, is that what it’s called?) Is you taught me something! I don’t even look to see if someone lists me or not. But I should make sure those I list are still ones I actually follow.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with me.

  3. I love the new look! What a great pic.

    I am TOTALLY on the same page with the blogroll. I think it’s silly that there are these “superstar” bloggers who never once acknowledge you if you leave a comment. Well, I know they are so busy and important they cannot comment a lot. But never? Ever? 😉

  4. i used to have a blog roll but it started slowing down my blog because i had so many!! plus it was really out of date and when i tried to make it current it freaked out a few times haha… soooo i just took it off 🙂 BUT that doesnt mean that i dont go through and read everyone in my google reader… you leave a comment, i add you and try to keep up!

  5. Love the love new look. It’s clean, fresh and easy on the eyes.

    (Would that you had only kept your bedroom this orderly while you were growing up…) ;o)

  6. love the new layout and look! I do have one, but follow so many now between running, cycling and triathlon, that it started taking up too much room. I’ve now limited it to the last 10 updated of those that I follow. So it’s not a permanent list, always changing! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  7. I love your new lay-out: it’s fresh!

    I miss myself on your blogroll (is crying now 🙂 )
    I do have a blogroll and try to update it every time I put someone new in my google reader. Have to say I devided the blogs there in favourites and less favourites. The ones in the favourites are the ones I love to read most and who also respond on my blog.

    As Kilax said I don’t like the superstar bloggers that much: they want as many readers as they can but don’t take the time to react to your blog. So some of them I still read but never react.

    Your’s however I love to read and respond to.

  8. I have a Blog Roll that pulls from my reader and only shows like 10 Blogs or something.. I am not sure how I feel about it.. I should just pick my top 15 and call it good.

    LOVE LOVE the new look.. FYI I feel the same about relationships…who needs those who never respond..

  9. I love the new look. Love the new header too.

    (Randomly, thanks for the birthday wishes and all your other sweet comments in the past. My work computer blocks wordpress sites, so while I’ve been reading on my phone, I can’t comment there. Love your site, love your story.)

  10. The new look looks good!

    I have my blogger subscriptions as my blogroll. But, it doesn’t pick up the blog I have in my google reader. So, I’ve been thinking about doing something different too.

  11. i totally agree… i don’t have enough time to comment on people who can’t comment back and all. i do keep a loooong blogroll on my page. i gotta figure out a way to split it up some more so that it’s easier for people to use!

    love the new look!

  12. I totally agree with you, yet I have been guilty of falling off the blog wagon HARD, not reading or commenting or even posting.

    But I do agree that making it a habit is not good. Thanks for the reminder to be a grateful blogger. 🙂

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