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Sunday Night Contradiction

I love Sunday nights.

I hate Sunday nights.

Ah, contradiction….

But seriously, I do have a love/hate relationship with Sunday nights.

Love: Sunday nights are a time for me to get ready for the week ahead.  During the day I usually go for a run, do errands and keep fairly busy.  By nighttime I am ready to catch up on homework and my blog, plus I go through my planner and look over my plans for the upcoming week.  Then, for a few hours every Sunday night, I relax.  Like, really relax.  Usually this includes painting my nails, watching my favorite shows (Amazing Race and Cold Case) and eating ice cream while just sitting on the couch.  For those few hours, I try not to think too much about anything and I just chill out.

Hate: All of the above means one thing… another week is ahead.  The weekends are full of catching up and having fun but they simply fly by.  There is always so much to be done during the week, and while I love those few hours of relaxing, it is difficult to make it last.  By Monday morning things are hectic all over again and Sunday night seems so far away!

This past week was one of those weeks that makes Sunday night both a love/hate.  In addition to my usual stresses, work was ridiculously stressful.  And this weekend did not disappoint- it was wonderful!  I spent most of it catching up with friends; Friday night I had dinner with my friend Jess, Saturday I went out for drinks with my friend Danielle (who I hadn’t seen in almost two years!!!) and this afternoon I met up in PA with my friend Sarah for lunch at Iron Hill Brewery.  Good times 🙂

I did manage to get in my workouts despite the crazy business.  Even though it can be difficult to get them in, without my workouts, I really think I would go crazy.  I always feel so much better after a good workout!  This week I put in two runs, a strength session and went to spin class.  If my race next weekend is like my run was today, it would be wonderful.  Everything went right today: the weather was 64 degrees at 9am (in NJ…in November…for the second weekend in a row!), my legs and feet and knees and ankles all felt good, my breathing was strong and I ran well.  It was probably the best run I have had in a while.  I went for an easy 4 miles and finished in 39:43 (9:55/pace).  Of course, next weekend they are calling for 50 degrees and rain….of course.

Once again, this is a very busy week ahead.  It is conference time at my school (means being there at night) and I am behind in one of my classes.  As of last week I was all caught up, but the semester is over in four weeks (yeah!!) and I am not even started on my final papers.  It piles up so fast!  I will be happy if I get in my spin class and two short runs before the race on Sunday.  Clearly, I made the right decision dropping from the full to the half…no way would I have been ready, not even a little.  I think next time I think about a marathon it needs to be once I am done with school.  For now, I will stick to halves 🙂

Oh, and speaking of the race…if you are running any of the races in the Philly Marathon series, I will be working at the expo on Saturday morning.  Stop by the CGI table and say hello 🙂  I will be there to promote CGI’s first half marathon, UNITE 13.1, which is set to take place in April at RU-New Brunswick.  If you are looking for a great race (CGI as I have said in the past are amazing) then come visit and see what it is all about.

And just a reminder…keep your eyes peeled…my very first give-a-way will be this week 🙂  I can’t wait!!!!


12 thoughts on “Sunday Night Contradiction

  1. It sounds like our weeks are very similar – super busy and trying to fit too much in! I already feel drained 😉 I also always feel better if I workout. It’s my only downtime!

    I love when it’s a race week though. So exciting!

    I posted my first giveaway today! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what yours is!

  2. You’re one busy girl 🙂 but with lots of nice things to do.

    I love Sundays although yesterday I didn’t do much and thinking about that today I realized it made me tired so I had problems focussing at work today. So I decided to workout on every Sunday because it makes me feel better.

    Good luck at your run next weekend.

  3. I love Sundays…usually. This Sunday I spent the day in bed. My littlest shared his flu with me. It was made worse by being a beautiful day outside and I was sick! Ugh!

    Good luck on your run.

  4. Sundays are rather bitter sweet huh?

    Glad you got your work-outs in despite the crazy schedule!

    I wish I could come visit you at the race expo!!!

    Speaking of which we totally have to figure out a race for me to come visit your digs sometime next year!

  5. YESSSS I feel the same way about Sunday! They are my favorite day, but also least favorite because of the week coming ahead. Sigh.

    Great job getting all your workouts in, sounds like a fabulous and fun weekend!!

  6. sunday-day is all good… but yeah once it gets to be dinner time it’s like WTF now i gotta go to work?!? booooo.

    oooh a giveaway! 😉 hope your week is going well so far.

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