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Three Things Tuesday

Spin Class Skipper.  Yes, I skipped spin class today.  What I am about to say may sound like a rationalization, but I swear it is not.  Beginning last night, and until Friday, I am cat-sitting.  Because I work an 8hr day, and have a doctor’s appointment after work, I felt bad leaving them at 5am.  That means they would have been alone for over 13 hours.  They are already going to be alone for long days tomorrow and Thurs (class tomorrow and night conferences Thurs) so I honestly just felt really bad.  And that is the honest truth…but wow…it really does sound like a rationalization huh? 

Cross-Training with Middle Schoolers.  This Thursday, our school is going on an ice skating trip.  We do this twice a year on the afternoon of night conferences.  It is a really long day (half day of work, ice skating and three hours of conferences) but it is also so much fun and I am really looking forward to it.  And yes, I am counting it as my cross training for the week!   

I Am a Winner!- A few weeks ago, I entered Mel’s give-a-way for hand and foot warmers and I won!!!  I was super excited about it because I thought I could use them for the Philly Half this weekend.  Last year it was a very blustery 14 degrees when I got to the race and only around 20 degrees at the start.  What I would have done for some hand and foot warmers that day!!!!  As it turns out, we are having a very Indian Summer here in NJ with temps in the high 60’s and low 70’s;  as of today, Sunday is predicted to be a high of 55 degrees with a chance of rain but the weather is A) never right and B) hard to predict days in advance.  My guess is, I won’t need the warmers this weekend and can save them for a wintery training run 🙂  Thanks Mel for the hand/foot warmers and the super adorable magnet you also included.  You. Are. Awesome.

Ah, tomorrow is hump day…think I am excited for the weekend or what????


7 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday

  1. Congrats on the score! 🙂

    I am so excited to see how you do this weekend! I bet you are going to be a little speed demon because you’re so pumped up!!!! YAY!!!!

    BTW – I totally want to go ice skating!

  2. lol. i would have to agree with you! i dog sit often and re-arrange my schedule to be with them most of the time just b/c … that’s why i dog sit!!! 🙂 i hear yaaa!

    and ice skating– i would TOTALLY count that as xt. um. esp for me considering the amt of time i spend doing squats cuz of the up and down from falling down and having to get back up. hahaha.

  3. I totally understand that you skipped spinning. We’re having a dog and I only go to the gym straigth from work when I know my husband will be home in time. Otherwise I skip or I leave work early so that I’m home earlier than normal.

    Have fun at the ice skating.

  4. i feel the same way when i dogsit for my mom… poor pup is in his crate from 7am to 6pm (at a minimum) :-/ so i slack off on a morning run and take him out for a couple of miles after work. doesn’t quite work the same with a cat though.

  5. Glad they came in time 🙂 If I would have been paying more attention I would have included a Good Luck note for your race…UGH!!

    You know one of the things that I am not a fan of about outdoor sports, ie. running, is the weather. With Basketball the game went on regardless and I always knew what to wear.. As a planner this darn weather stuff just throws me off.

    HUGS and good luck buddy.. Big ole High Fives tomorrow

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