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My First Give-A-Way

Yeah…here it is!!!!!

This is my 150th post and my very first give-a-way.  It is full of some of my favorite must-have’s 🙂

Right now my camera is on the fritz–HUGE BUMMER–so as much as I wish I could have taken a picture*, you are all just going to have to settle for trusting me 🙂  Here is what is included:

  • 3 packs of Espresso Love flavored GU.  I LOVE GU (honestly, Tri-Berry is my favorite but they were out at the store) and depend on it very much when training and racing.
  • 1 pack of Clif Blok’s strawberry flavor.  These are my favorite kind of chews and my favorite flavor.
  • 1 pack of XOOD pomegranate flavor.  I don’t particularly like sports drinks because they don’t always get along with my stomach.  With XOOD, I can choose how much powder to use and it makes a big difference.
  • 1 pack of Goody Ouch-less hairbands.  These are one of my favorite accessories, and I have one on my wrist at all times.  In my opinion, they are the best hairbands around.  Girls, you will love ’em and boys…you can give ’em to the lady in your life and win some brownie points.
  • 1 bag of Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Pretzel Slims.  Look…these gems can only be summed up with one word- AMAZING! I am serious.  If you never had them (and if you don’t have a TJ’s near you, then you probably haven’t) you will be in love instantly.  And if you have had them, you know that they are A) hard to get because they fly off the shelves and B) possibly the best snack food ever made.  I eat them in ice cream, with pb and sometimes just by themselves.  If you have no other reason for entering the give-a-way, you have this!

Ok…now for the rules.  I said it would be simple and I am keeping to my promise, cause I like simple.  All you have to do is comment this post:

  • telling me how you found my blog and how long you have been a reader (if you remember)
  • telling me a few items that you would include in your favorite things

Yup that’s it.  You don’t have to link this post (although I would appreciate it!) or add me to your blog roll (but it would be great if you did!), you just have to answer those two questions!  See…simple.  And the best part…you don’t have to have a blog to enter, so it is fun for everyone 🙂

The winner will be picked on Sunday night, sometime before midnight!  Have fun and good luck 🙂


*[my mom will be down tomorrow night and I will borrow her camera for a picture…so stop back to see]

20 thoughts on “My First Give-A-Way

  1. Oh wow! What an awesome-o giveaway! Congrats on 150!

    My fave running items are jelly belly jelly beans! And strawberry powerade. So processed, yet, so good. And one of my fave non-running snacks is vegetarian jerquee! Hee hee.

    I must have found your blog from a comment you left somewhere! When I have time to read comments, I like to look for new blogs. I got lucky by finding this one!

  2. I’ve never tried the TJ’s chocolate pretzels… Must try those! And I’m over by a Trader Joes several times a week, our Fleet Feet store is right by one!

    I’m pretty partial to Nuun, I think that’s a training necessity for me now. And I like chewy type fuels, because most of the gels I’ve tried just sit in my gut like a rock. But I did try GU Roctane once and that was pretty decent. Honestly, I haven’t tried many other GU products (I’ve used Hammer and PowerBar gels with mixed results!)

  3. how fun!

    hmm i haven’t been following you for that long as you were a recent (but of course excellent) find 🙂 maybe a month? i feel like you found my blog first, and that’s how i “found” you? my memory is not the best… sorry.

    my fav things are def gu’s/gu chomps for running! also m&m’s – i have eaten far too many of in my lifetime, a quality pair of sweatpants and my iphone.

  4. Hmm I cant really remember when I started reading your blog but I know it was just recently. My fav running thing prolly has to be the sport beans. They can get hard to chew thought while running! I also love coffee after a run. I know its weird but i love the taste!

  5. Hmm I don’t even remember how I started reading your blog! But I like it a lot 🙂

    In my favorite things, I would probably include chocolate and anything from TJ’s!

  6. Hmmm…I have no idea I found your blog, but it was most likely from someone’s blog roll!!

    Ok, so for my favorite things, a brownie and a slice of meatball pizza….They are my 2 most favorite things that I hardly ever eat anymore (boo!!). But if you my meant running fav things, I’ll go with the Goody headbands with the rubber on them so they don’t slip out of place…best invention ever!!!

  7. ow wow! sweet stuff! i got over her from Tall Mom on the Run.
    And, I’m new to running (7 weeks into couch to 5k) so I don’t have any faves… but a pedicure and a massage would definitely do it for me! (never really been one of those girls, but my legs hurt now and my feet are getting gross… guess I’ll have to live with it)

  8. How I found your blog. Through TallMomOnTheRun (Mel – she is the best!!) and since I just get such an uplifting experince reading her blog I figured if she’s fan than I would probably like your blog too. I don’t know how long I’ve been reading, sorry.

    My runny favs. My Saucony running shoes. I am a lifer with them. I buy 2 pair at a time. They just work for me.

  9. hooray!!! fabulous idea. oh gosh!!!!! i don’t remember…

    1. i have a terrible memory. i don’t remember how i found you!!!!!! it was either thru another blog, of if you left a comment i def clicked on you and came over! 🙂

    2. my fave things!!!!: clif shot bloks margarita flava!!!!, gu roctane blueberry pomegranate, and POST IT NOTES! lolll… can’t live without ’em.

  10. Hi! I’m a new reader and I found you through Tall Mom. 🙂 [by the way, I love your title “Finishing is Winning”–so true!!]

    Favorite things: Pumpkin anything, cinnamon anything, running skirts, bagels with cream cheese, and movies. Woohoo!

  11. I’m sure I found you from Tall Mom too 🙂 I’ve taken a liking to the Gu Chomps, blueberry Pomagranate flavor. Must have? My iPhone for sure. Have a great weekend!

  12. Hmmmm how do I find any of the Blogs I read…by Blog hopping…LOL! Not sure how I found your Blog but I am very glad that I did.. You are amazing!!

    Looks like a few people dropped my name, so I guess you know that I posted a HIGH FIVE today 🙂

    My favorite things are Gu Chomps, Trader Joes Dried Mago slices, and Nuun..

    Hugs pretty girl!

  13. Hi! Tall Mom sent me – great blog!

    My favorite things, eh? Clif and Luna Bars, all veggies and fruits, and hiking!

  14. Hello. Congrats on 150! Tall Mom sent me over.

    My favorite things are stuff with chocolate. Oh, workout related… my headlamp for running night time legs in relays and my night time vest, which I’ll wear early mornings or late evening.

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