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What I’ve Learned- Part 2

In the roughly two years since this journey began, I have learned many things.  Here a few I think are most important to pass on:

– A good work-out can cure even the worst of days.

– The price of a pair of running shoes has nothing to do with comfort.  Try them all on.

– Abs are made in the kitchen.  Someone kind of famous said that, so don’t quote me if you use it.  Just know that you can do sit -ups for days and run hundreds of miles…but if you want the six-pack you have to be friends with your kitchen. 

– Bringing comfy shoes to wear under your desk is a life-saver.  No one even has to know.

– There will always be people like this who think you don’t belong on the race course.  Swim-Bike-Run anyway.

– Some drivers may stare at you but some may never see you at all.  Always keep your eyes on the traffic. 

– Wine is okay.  So is a martini.  And a margarita.  Although I do not recommend them all in the same night, especially before a long run.  Just sayin.  

– Cotton is not your work-out friend.  Wicking material, however, is amazing.

– Always have a plan B; Plan A doesn’t always work.  And when in doubt, trust your insticts.

– Don’t take your legs for granted- ice ’em, stretch ’em, love ’em.

– Body Glide will save your life.  Or at least your arms. legs and nipples

– After a while you get used to going in a porta-potty.  But it is a good idea to always carry your own toilet paper.

– On your rest days, rest. 

– It is important to either A) know how to properly blow a snot rocket, or B) never blow a snot rocket.

– Nothing will keep your more accountable for your work-outs, than having a blog will. 

Back when I first started my blog I wrote Part 1, a much longer and much sappier edition- you can check it out here.


9 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned- Part 2

  1. Great pieces of advice! Great lessons learned.

    Workouts do cure everything. Comfy shoes are the best. Be flexible can save the day. Being seen is the runners responsiblity!!

  2. lol!!!!!!!!!!!

    i will never blow a snot rocket. i sort of use my sleeves… gross i know! hahah. my sister jokes i can never borrow her shirts to run in 🙂

    love your legs! i like that one 🙂

  3. I love how we accumulate this knowledge to pass one! I had friend who was new to running and he had NO IDEA not to wear cotton! He was so excited when I told him about wicking material.

  4. Amen to the snotrocket piece… One time we were running “in a pack”, and this dude in front of me blew one and some got on me. GROSS. LEARN TO DO IT RIGHT!

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