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Tomorrow is the Philly half-marathon.

This race was supposed to be my first marathon, but that just didn’t work out.

Then I decided it would be my A-race and it looks like that isn’t going to work out either.

On Thursday I woke up with a heck of a cold that took me down hard until last night.

I stayed home from work Friday.  I stayed in bed for most of the day.  I took Benadryl every four hours.  I took in plenty of fluids (including lots of Green Tea) and ate chicken soup.  I pushed as much Vitamin C  as I could get into my body.

I am still dealing with a stuffy nose and bit of a cough, but I am going to run tomorrow.  I am a little apprehensive, and don’t anticipate it being my best race, but still want to run.  I feel like I know my body well and if I weren’t up to par enough, I honestly would back out.  The thing is, I feel mostly okay.

I just really hope this does not bite me in the butt.

I woke up pretty early today and went over to the expo with my mom.  I worked the CGI tent, which was a lot of fun!  I met so many great runners and triathletes and had many engaging conversations.  I love this community- have I mentioned that!!!  My mom spent the morning collecting free swag for me- and let me tell you- she is GOOD at getting freebies 🙂  She even won me a $15 gift certificate for the Run Store.  Pretty cool, huh?  After the expo, we met up with my friend Monique and went to lunch at Hard Rock Cafe.  It was super yummy and a good mid-day carb load 🙂

I came home, took a short nap and now I am getting ready for dinner.  Then I will pack up my bag for tomorrow and get into bed nice and early.  I will be heading over to the race at 5:30am with some of my teammates-if you happen to see me, come say hi!!!!

and if you see this sign, give a cheer to my mom

Good luck to all the runners at Philly this weekend…especially Denise who has dreams of Boston!

Have any of you ever run while no feeling 100%?  Are you glad you pushed through or do you regret it?  (you can be honest, I wont be reading this until after my race!)

Stay tuned for the race report and don’t forget to enter into my first give-a-way- contest closes at 8pm and the winner will be picked before midnight.  Good luck!


5 thoughts on “Apprehensive

  1. Just got over the flu and ran my 5k – granted that is not a half marathon. But I did run a marathon with pneumonia a few years back and I was pretty sure I had it when I ran but went to the doctor AFTER the race. Am I glad I ran? I am glad because I was able to finish in a decide time AND I didn’t do anything that worsened my health in the long run. But I agree with your statement, You know your body. We each have to listen to our own body when making those choices.

  2. Even though you won’t see this till afterwards, sending you good luck vibes anyway! Sucks that you’re not doing the marathon you wanted to be, but it will be even sweeter when the time comes 🙂

  3. Good luck in your race! I hope you don’t feel too bad during the race. I ran a 1/2 marathon last January and wasn’t feeling 100%. I’m not sure what was wrong, I was just feeling dizzy and generally “off”. But I’m still glad I did the race, even if my friends did almost have to drag me over to the food post-race because I felt so weak I almost wasn’t sure which way was up!

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