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Give-A-Way Winner, The Next Two Weeks and Pictures

Yeah, I am jamming a lot into this post- this is a short and busy week, so I might not be around too much.  I am trying to get as much in as possible before the craziness begins.

First…without further adieu…the winner of my very first Give-A-Way is…………….



Yeah Felice!  Email me (jillyfly81 at comcast dot net) your address and I will get the goodies out in the mail.  Congrats!

And thanks to everyone who participated in my first give-a-way.  And a special thanks to TallMom for sending over so many new readers- I look forward to getting to know you all 🙂


Now that this race is over, I really feel like I can relax.  At least where training is concerned.  For the next two weeks, I have more on my plate than can fit, so this is the perfect time for a training break.  With the exception of Pilates class and a bit of cardio and lifting, I really have no plans to work-out at all.  Mostly because in the next two weeks I have two papers(one seven page and one fifteen page) and a video project due and I have to get my Whitman blog up to date.  And of course, right in the middle of this is the Thanksgiving holiday.  And my high school reunion.  And holiday shopping.  Oh, and I am still looking for a place to live- I am still meeting with a realtor @ every two weeks, but still nothing.  I am already exhausted just thinking about it all!

Have I mentioned that I can’t wait for the semester to be over???  Have I mentioned how this semester has kicked my ass??? Cause I can’t and it has!  And I am so ready to be done!!!


And moving right along…

How about some photos from yesterday’s race:

 At the expo

More at the expo

At the start line- not as bad as last year, but I was still freezing!

Coming into the finish- having just spotted my sign!

Me and my personal pacer, Brian, after the finish!

My mom and I with the official half-marathon sign

With Monique and Shawn, who came to watch me run!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!

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