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Three Things Tuesday

Yeah for a short week!!!  Only 1.5 days until my Thanksgiving break begins!!!! 

Football game:  Every Thanksgiving, for as long as I can remember, I have attended a football game.  For many schools in the area, the games are tradition with the same teams playing every year.  With the exception of one or two years (when I went to a different game) I have always went to the Riverside/Florence game.  Riverside is the public school I would have went to if I hadn’t went to private school.  Florence is a football powerhouse, with a bigger squad and many more wins in the series…BUT…last year, Riverside won.  It was a stunner game that ended 6-0 in Riverside’s favor.  This year, Riverside hasn’t won a single game, and if they beat Florence…well, that would be a miracle; however, I am still looking forward to watching some high school football on Thanksgiving morning.  And for the record, Riverside has a team of pretty stand up guys; despite a less than stellar season, they still go out and give it their all each game. 

Black Friday:  Honestly, I hate shopping.  And I hate crowds.  But oddly enough, Back Friday is one of my favorite days of the year!  I have been going out on Black Friday since I was a very small child.  One year, my mother had me at K-Mart for a vacuum at 5am…up against the door, first person in line and as soon as they unlocked it, I was off.  And we got the vacuum.  For many years it was a day spent with my Gram, my Mom and I…breakfast, lunch and dinner…and all day event.  When my Gram started to get older, it really just became too difficult for her to get around, especially in the busy crowds, so now it is just me and my mom!  Last year we started the new tradition of going to the outlets (they are open overnight) on Thanksgiving night after dinner and shopping through the night.  Once we leave there it is just about time for the stores to be opening where we live- so we stop off at Kohls and Target and then hit breakfast.  Last year we came home, took a nap and went back out but this year, I have my reunion so I won’t be able to stay out all morning as I will need to sleep. 

High School Reunion: Friday is my 10-year high school reunion.  With the advent of Facebook, I have been able to get in touch with so many people I normally would have never been in touch with but many of them I still haven’t seen in a long time.  I was very apprehensive for a long time about attending a reunion (I didn’t exactly love high school) but now I am actually looking really forward to it.  I know some people are still the same jerks they were, but I am not worried about those people.  I am focusing my energy on all the people I want to catch up with, especially the ones I haven’t seen/talked to in years.  I’ll be sure to do a full “reunion report” afterwards.  

What do you do on thanksgiving, outside of dinner/family time?  Football game, a race, a movie?  Do you shop on Black Friday or avoid the madness?

12 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday

  1. I visit my Dad in Denver every year and after dinner we always go see a movie. I’m pretty stoked to head out there tomorrow… although that takes me off the radar for a few days. Enjoy your Turkey Day and have fun at the reunion. Mine is this weekend too but obviously I’m not making it…

  2. Thanksgiving is a calmer holiday. I love it! Our larger family gathers at my sister’s home (used to be our grandparents farm house). We have a meal, watch tv, movies, play games and take a walk (no other runners in my family anymore). It is a day of relaxation and visiting.

    Black Friday. Yuck! Shopping in general, yuck. Give me the internet!

  3. First of all: congrats on a great race!

    We’re not celebrating Thanksgiving so this is just a normal week for me.

    What’s black Friday? Something with opening of the sale?

    Have a great and wonderful Thanksgiving

  4. You’re brave… Black Friday kind of freaks me out. The crowds, the pushing… of course, the only time I tried to get something at Black Friday was last year; my husband and I were trying to get a dishwasher. It sucked. But then, he always acts like shopping is miserable anyway. Add in the crowds, it just felt worse. I think if it was a game with my mom, it would be more fun.

    I hope you enjoy your reunion. My 10-year reunion kind of sparked some renewed friendships with people I had lost touch with (Facebook wasn’t the behemoth that it is now then). It was definitely weird because all of my “close” friends from HS days were still weird (we had a big falling out at the end of our senior year), but I was reminded about how many other awesome people were in school with me and that HS didn’t suck quite as much as I remembered!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I used to do Black Friday shopping with my mom and loved it! Now, I am too … anxious in big crowds and can’t do it. But I love the holiday spirit on that day.

    I can’t wait to hear about your reunion! My husband’s was in the beginning of Nov. and he really likes his HS friends but we couldn’t afford to go.

    We don’t have any Thanksgiving traditions, but are doing a 5K this year for the first time!

  6. My high school used to have a Thanksgiving Football game and it was a highlight but that tradition ended a few years ago – which stinks now. It was always like a mini-reunion. My school, Highland Park beat Florance this year in the State Playoffs. And its my 20-year reunion Friday night. Good times.

  7. Wow I just cant do Black Friday it is the LINES.. I am so envious of people who score the good deals, I send my siss with cash.

    I helped plan my 10 year reunion and it was a BLAST. We had so much fun. I hope you enjoy it.

    Of course your post tomorrow will count. I have a Thanks post for tomorrow too..

    Hugs and Happy holiday!!

  8. I just found your blog! No black friday for me either. I did send hubby to wait outside for Target to open last year for a flat screen TV. I think he left before they even opened the door! I’ll be Turkey trotting though! Have a great holiday!

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