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Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

In honor of the holiday, I give thanks for the following things:

  • For my health, that at times, is easy to take for granted but that I am lucky to have considering I did not always treat my body right
  • My parents who have always supported my dreams, who have never let me down and who have always been my number ones
  • My extended family and for all the support they have provided me
  • My friends whom have all in some way shaped who I am
  • Those who have fought and are currently fighting for my freedom
  • For those who are no longer with me, but have touched my life and have a place in my heart forever
  • That I have a home.  It may not be an ideal situation, but I am grateful for a place to lay my head each night
  • For my job, that in this economy is more appreciated than ever.  I may not always like it, but I know how lucky I am to be working.
  • For a body that  allows me to swim-bike-run
  • That here in New Jersey, we get to experience all four seasons
  • My teammates whom have cheered me on and watched me grow in the sports of running and triathlon
  • All of you, my bloggies, who have been a great support over the last 10 months; especially the ones with whom I have built relationships with outside of the blog.
  • My education; it has been a long road, but I am proud to be a (hopefully) soon-to-be graduate of RU

There are so many more things I am grateful, especially small things (warm baths, snail mail, martini’s!) that this list could keep going.  But don’t forget- this girl is going shopping in 2 hours overnight!  Crazy? Yes.  Productive…absolutely!!

What is the one materialistic thing you are thankful for?  Mine is my cell phone…I know I lived my first 18 years of life without one, but now I would be lost if I didn’t have it. 

I wish you all a Happy (and safe) Holiday weekend.

9 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. You know, I’ve read a lot of these lists and most people forget to mention our servicemen. We need to remember to be thankful for them, even if we can’t tell them personally.

    The materialistic thing for me is our house and car. We have had financial struggles this year, and it has made me very grateful that we still own (via mortgage!) our home and have a nice car to drive (for now!).

  2. Hey – if you wouldn’t mind leaving me a comment or emailing me the state that you live in for the Christmas card exchange. I want to make sure that in the pairings ppl from the same state are not put together! Thanks!

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