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Thanksgiving, Shopping and Reunions, Oh My!

Ah, finally a few minutes to update you all on my super fabulous weekend. (But don’t be fooled, I still have two papers, a presentation and a project due, all by Dec.10 when the semester will FINALLY be over!)

So about my wonderful weekend…honestly, I cannot even remember the last time I had as much fun as I did this past weekend.  And it could not have surprised me more. Seriously.

Wednesday: worked a half-day, came home and took a nap and headed out for the night before Thanksgiving festivities.  It has been a few years since I braved the night before Thanksgiving, but we went to a spot close to home and I was with good friends, so I figured why not.  And I am so glad I went.  Saw so many people and had a blast.  Unfortunately, the cameras did not come out once, so I am picture-less on the night 😦  Trust me though…it was a 2am kind of good night.

Thursday: Up and at em early to get ready to go to the game.  Headed over with my Dad and even though Riverside lost, it was a beautiful day- perfect for sitting on bleachers and watching some football!  We left half-way through the fourth and pretty much as soon as we got home, we had dinner.  It was a very quiet affair for us this year, just my mom, dad and I, but it was nice.  And soooo yummy!  After dinner, it was time for sleep…needed to get at least a few hours before the long night of shopping that was ahead.  My mom and I were pumped and ready to go at 9:30 and on our way for some shopping madness.

Friday (day): This day technically began Thursday night on our way to the first stop, Jackson Outlets.  Last year, we went at midnight and parking was insane so this year we decided, that even if the shops weren’t open when we got there, it was best to leave early.  And we were so right.  We got there around 10:30, got porn-star parking and were happily surprised to see how many stores were already open.  We knew that a few were going to be opening early, but it was more than we had expected.  We decided since we had nothing but time at this point, to head into the indoor food court to get some info on the store sales for the night.  Then, instead of trying to have a plan, we made the executive decision to just walk around, go in when we wanted to and relax.  We did a lot of laps around that parking lot (yeah for working off the big dinner) and really just had a nice time.  It was cold, but not freezing and there was a general happy and merry vibe all around the place.  It was awesome.  Once we were through with the outlets, we headed back towards home and stopped at the 24 hour diner for muffins and tea/coffee.   Then it was off to Target.  The line was crazy long when we got there at 4am (they weren’t opening until 5am) and instead of standing in the long cold line (it was definitely freezing at this point!) we stayed in the car.  Then, when the doors opened, we walked over…waiting for the line to file in and then went in behind them.  And we still got (most of) what we wanted.   There was a flat screen TV I was debating but they only had 20 of them, and there was no hope and I took it as a sign that I didn’t really need it.  I did get my new digi cam which is awesome- a Nikon Coolpix and I love it!  Takes great photos! Once we were through with Target it was time to head home.  Normally this  shopping would continue throughout the day but I needed sleep before the reunion.

Friday (night): If you had told me (even a year ago) that I would attend my reunion, I would not agree.  If you told me I would have a good time, I would not agree.  I really did not like high school and it certainly was not the best four-years of my life.  I pretty much jumped for joy when it was over.  And it wasn’t so much school, but the people.  Which is why I surprised myself with how forward I was looking to this event.  And I was even more surprised that I followed through and went and I had a blast.  Seriously, the night went way too fast and I was really sad when it was over.  So many people to catch up with and it was a lot of fun chatting and reminiscing.  Thankfully, after the reunion, there was an after-party at a local bar.  And it happened to be that there was also another high school reunion after-party at the bar which was awesome because many people in my class, knew the people in their class.  See, I went to a regional catholic high school, so many of us had public school friends and many came from this school.  The whole night was so much fun.  A chance to get dressed up and just let loose.  And really see that after ten years…high school really is over.  Some people are still the same, unfortunately…but fortunately for those of us there, many of the jerks did not attend 🙂  And for the most part, everyone was just calmer, more open minded and generally just more cohesive.  The only people I didn’t talk to were a select few that I have nothing to say to, and the people who I simply do not know because we never crossed paths.  I was so happy to see that there was no drama (okay..a little but it was over before it started, had nothing to do with me and I didn’t let it ruin my time), lots of awesome conversation (every conversation I had, was genuine) and an overall nice feel.  It was another 2am night and although I was exhausted, I am so glad I lived it up!  Many of us talked about staying in touch and doing bi-monthly happy hours and etc…and that all sounds good on paper, but staying in touch is hard…I really hope we do though.  It would be nice not to have to wait five more years to see everyone again. Oh, and this time there were lots and lots of pics…here are a few of my favorites:

I clean up pretty nice, huh???

So, Saturday and Sunday aren’t much to speak of…Saturday I needed to recover.  Seriously.  I had only slept a few hours at a time over a few days and I was beat.  I cannot remember the last time I was out past 1am…let alone twice in three days, plus being out overnight Thursday.  But again, I wouldn’t have done it any differently.  It was totally worth the lack of sleep.  Once I felt caught up, the homework began.  And pretty much that was all day Sunday too.  And that is awful and boring and not fun to talk about!

I am still on my break from working out and really, with all the school work I have, I dont know when I would have worked out anyway. I must say though, I am toying with the idea of hitting spin class tomorrow morning.  My body just needs to move!  And on another note: can you believe tomorrow begins December!!  Holy cow.  I cannot believe how fast time is flying.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and great weekend!

Any fun reunion stories of your own?  Did you attend?  Why or why not?



12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, Shopping and Reunions, Oh My!

  1. WHOA wait wait… you went to the outlets at 10:30pm and were there ALL MORNING?!?! did you sleep?????????????????????????? goodness graciousness. lol. i think maybe i should put that on my bucket list for a once in a lifetime thing to do??? hahaha.

    what a great weekend tho. glad you had such a good time!!! i hope i have a good reunion when it happens….

  2. Wow! That is so serious shopping. I guess it’s the experince and bonding time because there isn’t anything on the planet that I want that much.

    Reunions. The longer you are out the more fun you have at them! Great pics. Yeah you clean up great!

  3. hey chica. thanks so much for the sweet words, it REALLY means a lot to me. i’ve been kinda bummed, but you are totally right. so thanks

    PLUS, i LOVe your new masthead, so cute! and glad you had a great thanksgiving weekend, sounds like the reunion went well as did t-day and shopping. wow, i’m way too old to even think about doing all of that! 😉 best of luck as the semester winds down!

  4. Shopper!!!!! 😉

    I pretty much had the same experience at my reunion last year. Loved it and was so glad I went, although I NEVER thought I would go. Didn’t plan to go until 3 days before the event. I’m so glad I went. Looks like you had a great time!

  5. I so wish I could’ve stayed at the reunion longer. And I love that pic of me, you and Erika…thanks for including it! You’ll have to keep me posted about any other get-togethers that take place. Like you said, it’s all well and good to talk about it, but it’s definitely hard to make it work, and that’s why I want to be there if it happens. Hugs!

  6. I am so happy you had fun at the reunion. High school was not a good experience for me, so I would not go. Too many jerks 😉 I’ve reconnected with the three people I wanted to on Facebook. My husband, on the other hand, has so many cool classmates. It’s too bad we couldn’t go to his.

    What a busy extended weekend! It sounds like you got some good deals at the malls. I would love to do that with my mom!

  7. Good stuff Jillian – I went to my reunion and it was awesome…the night went by way too fast. The pictures look great and I’m happy to hear you had a good time at yours also.

  8. I’m so glad you had a great time and girl you look fab in the pics! I can’t believe you went out over night for Black Friday shopping! Insane! LOL!

    I am bummed I missed my reunion, it was over the weekend as well but I always do Denver for Turkey Day. Oh well… 😦

  9. Look at those pictures and the smokin little lady..LOVE IT!!

    I was the lead planner for my reunion and it ROCKED, we actually had to kick people out…in hindsight I should have rented the venue for longer.

    Happy holidays little lady!

  10. Wow! This really was a great weekend for you!

    I’ve never been to a reunion simply because there hasn’t been one of one of my old classes.

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