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Three Things Tuesday

Mental Health Days: This Friday, my mother and I are going to spend the day together.  Yeah, I am playing hooky 🙂  But you know the best part of calling out sick for a mental health day?  My boss believes in it and fully supports it.  That’s right.  I say to my boss “this semester is killing me and I really need a ‘me’ day to get some stuff done” and she says “no problem, have fun”…I call that a SCORE!  So the plan is all day shopping in Atlantic City.  They have great outlets (Have you picked up the pattern yet? My mom and I love outlets!) and it’s only a little over an hour from where I live.  Perfect kind of day trip.

The End is Nearing: Ah, the last week of the semester.  One week and two days and I will be able to say hello to my social life once again!  It has been a rough semester; not the worst I ever had but trust me, it was not easy.  This is probably the most work I have done, paper-wise, in my entire college career.  There is still so much to be done…it is very overwhelming and at times I have no idea how I am going to pull it all together, but somehow I always manage to make it work.  The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and I cannot wait to reach it!

It’s Tarheel Time: You may remember throughout the spring, summer and fall, I often expressed my love for the Phillies ❤  Well, take that and times it by a million and that is how much I love the North Carolina Tarheel College basketball team.  I love college sports in general (not a fan of pro sports, except for baseball) and college basketball has always been one of my favorite sports to watch.  I have been a fan since before I can remember, thanks to my Dad who has also followed them forever.  My dad was born in North Carolina and the state holds a special place in his heart.  I grew up watching sports with my dad, therefore I was a fan too.  As I grew older, I became truly interested on my own and I have followed them through the legendary Dean Smith years and the not-so legendary Gutheridge/Doherty years.  I love Roy Williams and I don’t hold it against him that he still roots for Kansas (when they aren’t playing the Tarheels).  My dad and I often watch games together (my mom looks for somewhere to hide- we have potty mouths 😦 ) and two years ago I was even lucky enough to score tickets for my dad and I to attend a game when they were here playing UPENN.  It was one of the highlights of my life.  And if you think I am excited now, just wait until March rolls around!  The current season recently started and I am pumped.  It is mostly a new team and I look forward to seeing how they progress.  Tonight, they play my least favorite team, Michigan State and I hope they have a repeat of last years NCAA tourney where they beat them for the win 🙂

What is your favorite sport to watch?  Do you root for your home teams?


9 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday

  1. Wish I could take mental health days. I guess when I am running in the a.m. and make myself late for work and my boss doesn’t get upset about it – that’s my sort of mental health day. My boss thinks it is great that I run marathons so he is kind of understanding.

    I watch football – some. I don’t get upset if I miss a game but I do cheer for local PA teams…Steelers and Penn State.

  2. Phhhtttt… college basketball… puhleez. This is FOOTBALL season, woman! leading up to one of my very favorite holidays – Super Bowl Sunday!!

    My boss approves of mental health days too. Oh wait, I drifted off and started dreaming there for a second.

    (Hopefully that light at the end of your tunnel isn’t a train!)

  3. I am going to talk to my boss tomorrow about health days, great idea! Great that your boss supports that.

    I don’t like watching sports. I sometimes watch games when a Dutch team or person is in the finals. The hub loves to watch Formula One and Moto GP, he even records it when he’s not home.

  4. I miss mental health days, they are the best!! Enjoy your time at the outlets. Your semester is almost finished – enjoy getting your social life back when it is finished in a little over a week.

  5. I feel ya!!! I can’t wait until the end of the semester!!!! December 12 is the last date for me and I just can’t wait. I do enjoy being busy, though.

    And a boss that believes in mental health days???? You are so lucky! We get two weeks all year long and that includes sick days and emergency days (sometimes an exception can be made), and we have to debate each year how many days we should get for each holiday!!! Arg, so silly!

  6. Feel free to hop on the Gonzaga bandwagon come March 🙂 Hehehe..

    I played for Gonzaga, so I have a HUGE interest in their success.

    Mental Health day…lordy I NEED one of those ASAP.

    Hugs to getting all of your work done.

    Soooo about your BL Comment, I am curious to see your thoughts. As someone who has overweight and obese family members and close friends I hold hope that they will find inspiration from the contestants. I realize that behind the scenes it is not safe, I just like to not think about that.. Rose colored glasses and all

  7. can everyday be a mental health day? 🙂 i am envious of jobs that allow those. my boss might be down with leniency but technically we only get “sick days”. my mom loves to take advantage of the “mental health” days!

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