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Week In Review- Photo Style

Ok bloggies- trying something new.  Because I knew I would not have time for an adequate blog post this weekend, I took pictures all weekend to help document my activities.  Despite the fact that most of the weekend was spent doing research, reading and writing papers, I still managed to get out and have a good time.  As of right now, I have one project and one presentation done. One small paper (to go along with the presentation) and two longer papers to go.  I probably won’t sleep until Thursday night but the end is so near!  I cannot wait to get back on track with my work-outs, sleep and social life.  Four. More. Days.

I spent Friday in A.C with my Mom…it was a HUGE success!

First stop- Pop Shop in Collingswood for breakfast- if you ever visit NJ, this is a MUST for you.  Bobby Flay once did a “throw down” there and the place is amazing.  Ridiculously so, actually.  And this French Toast was no different.  I was so hungry I forgot to take a before pic…but these are my leftovers. Yum!

At the walk

My mom at the walk

Insert your own inappropriate “balls” comment

The HUGE Christmas tree in the middle of the walk

Close up 🙂

Saturday was busy busy busy…finished my project for class, did some Christmas shopping, had lunch with my friend Monique, worked on my presentation and had dinner at P.F. Changs with a group of close friends.

My workspace at home- here I was uploading my Whitman project, a video that I had to tape of myself reading one of his poems at a place where “I found Whitman” which for me was the cemetery where my grandfather, a casualty of WWII is buried.  The flip cams we used were lent to us by Rutgers.  It was easy and fun to use!

I met up with my friend for a late lunch at Fridays…just a small salad cause I knew I was having a big dinner.

(I cannot show you the next picture, because my mom reads this blog and it is of her and my dads Christmas gifts.  I wasn’t even thinking of this when I took it, or I would have left hers out.)

My amazing cosmopolitan at P.F Changs.

My dinner- Sesame Chicken (with added chili pepper sauce).  It was awesome and I loved every bite.

And no dinner is complete without dessert!  Fried bananas with caramel and mixed fruit with vanilla ice cream. I split this masterpiece with a friend and it was the perfect ending to a great meal.

Today I had an awesome breakfast with my friend Michele and spent the entire rest of the day at Barnes and Nobles with my presentation group.  Since I got home, I took a 35 minute nap and have since been working on my 15-page Whitman paper.

I am bummed my picture didn’t come out well…and I should have taken another.  This is a photo from the site of my strawberry crepe, and while it is close, I had two and all my fruit was stuffed inside.  Didn’t matter…it was unbelievably good regardless of where the fruit was located.

Outside the Church next to where we are breakfast- it was breathtaking in person.

A photo of downtown Haddonfield- about 2 miles from where I live.  Always beautiful but just amazing during the holidays.

This book is the star of my project, presentation and 15-page paper.  Notice my critical sources and notes underneath…

And here is where I cannot wait to spend some serious time…

This is my bed…and I find it ironic that my backpack is on it because it is a sentiment to how this week is going to be.  My backpack is sure to spend more time on my bed than I will in it…but trust me, next weekend, I will be a sleeping fool!

I really wish I had taken more pictures but I kept forgetting!  The funniest part to me, is that I didn’t take any of me or my friends…just food.  When I realized this I almost didn’t bother with the post…but oh, well.  Learning experience.  I am going to try and do this every now and then though for a change of pace, especially on fun filled weekends.  Taking more photos is definitely a goal for 2010.

Hope you all had a great weekend- I know Aron did…she qualified for Boston!!!!  And I know Morgan did cause she got to see her man 🙂

What was the best part of your weekend?  Anything exciting?

Good luck to all those, who are like me, in the “finals” home stretch 🙂


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