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Three Things Tuesday

Jersey Shore: I just want to put out there my general disgust for this show.  I would have rather stuck a hot needle in my eye than watch this, but I did tune in the other day to see what it was all about.  I lasted all of 3 minutes.  MTV has sunk to all kinds of different lows over the years, and that they can even still call themselves “Music Television” is a disgrace, but this show takes the cake.  First of all, yes Seaside is trashy, but that is exactly why they picked it.  Why not pick a nice shore like Avalon or even Red Bank?  And of course MTV scoured the state of NJ (and NY, although they won’t tell you that) to find the cockiest, most disgusting versions of people they could find.  And they succeeded.  In the small segment I personally watched, a guy who called himself “the situation” was going on and on about how everyone should love him.  I just wanted him to put a shirt on.  It was awful.  And for those of you who have seen this show and think that it is a real account of NJ, I am here to tell you that is just not true.

Winter workout gear: I need it. Bad.  I have one (only one!!) pair of pants and just a handful of long-sleeved shirts.  Nothing to wear when it gets super cold and considering I will be training for the Donna 1/2 marathon all throughout winter, I am going to need some new clothes.  The thing is, pants are really (read: extremely) hard for me to find.  I have checked all the local athletic stores to no avail!  It seems they don’t make anything for short people!  It is beyond frustrating because I do not want to spend my whole winter inside on a treadmill!  I order a lot of clothes off line, but never pants because I do not want to deal with returns- any suggestions (especially from my fellow short girls!) for sites/brands that you think would be helpful would be very appreciated! 

Bloggy Pollyanna:  J over at Morning Runner was kind enough to set up a bloggy Pollyanna and I was matched up with Janice.  And I found her a fabulous gift and I am so excited!  I am really bad at getting to the post office (just ask Felice, winner of my give-a-way that took me forever to mail!) but I promise to get your gift in the mail tomorrow.  🙂

Okay bloggies…I am in the home stretch- the semester ends on Thursday and then it is time for some R&R&R…Run, Rest and Relax.  I cannot wait to get back on track!  Hopefully I haven’t lost too many readers while on hiatus!


12 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday

  1. I just found a pair of great work out/running pants at Target of all places in SHORT length!!! Hit it up!!!

    Yay for the Bloggy Pollyanna! I need to get on my gift too! I can’t decide what to get though! Help!

    Good luck getting back on track and pounding out the last of it before R&R&R time!

  2. Yay! The semester end is NEAR!

    I have not seen (or heard of) the show you are talking about, but that is what I think when I try to watch most tv. I just can’t stand any tv show anymore. Especially the ones on MTV.

    Too bad you can’t get running tights tailored!

  3. Winter running gear is something I need too. I’m short too and my husband found these really cool Nike running pants for me, love how they fit. I’ll check on the name and let you know.

  4. 🙂

    Good luck with the rest of the semester — one more day! I’m w/Morgan — check Target. They tend to have all kinds of stuff and you can probably find a pair of pants that, even if they aren’t running-specific, can work for running. Good luck!

  5. Target is the only place I had luck- so you girls are right. But usually I have to shop in the kid section (which works for tanks and shorts) and they don’t carry good running pants. I need to find the ones you found Morgan!

  6. lol. i heard about this ‘jersey shore’ coming out and i am glad i did not waste my time! i have not read good things about it online today… ugh, mtv/reality tv. most of it is so lame now!

  7. Jersey Shore made the news yesterday when someone (not on the show) flat-out slugged one of the girls on the show. And hit her HARD too…. right in the face. Plus there is a lot of criticism about the way they portray Italians. MTV execs bat their eyes and plead innocence to doing anything wrong and, sadly, this publicity will probably only bring more curious viewers to the show.

    Hmmm, can’t think for the life of me why you are so dang short!

  8. I don’t think I am short enough to have had my lenghts be a problem (5’2″). I never noticed. I’m the tall one of my sisters.

    Enjoy training for your half. Winter is wonderful!

  9. Oh I love JAnice…she is hosting a Giveaway on my BLOG today..

    FYI you were the only one who caught the “Yada Yada Yada Bleck” I was laughing at myself when I typed that. Ask my hubby, I laugh at myself often..

    Many people close to me have zero ambition…and I am soooo tired of hearing their excuses.. SHEESH!!

    Have a great day buddy, good luck finding pants. Have you tried Target tights, even if they are too long the cost is pretty low..

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