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It’s Good To Be Back!

Bet you are all wondering how I did in that 5k, huh?

Yeah…so about that 5k.  I did not participate.

Why?  Three reasons:  $25 is a lot of money to pay considering I was just going to plod along, I haven’t ran in three weeks and wanted to ease my way back into the game and the course was a loop that (when I am in training) I run one to two times a week.  It just didn’t make much financial sense this close to Christmas and I didn’t want to risk injury by pushing it either.

Am I rationalizing?  Honestly, I don’t think so.

What do you think?  What do you consider when it comes to small races?  How much do you think is too much for a race?


So happy to have an active Week In Review to report!

I still went out on Saturday for a run, despite not doing the 5k.  I went for an easy 2 mile (11:33 pace)  jog Saturday afternoon and I have to say, it felt great!  After my jog, I did a killer abs workout and some push-ups.  And boy did I feel it this morning!  In fact, I am still feeling it!  Holy cow- this is like starting over!

Today I went for a swim as planned.  I know I have mentioned this before, but  I really love being in the water.  A lot!  I had a lot to get done today so I only swam for about 30 minutes, but it was a good workout.  I did some drills and a bunch of laps.  The only downer was that I forgot my cap, so my hair was all in my face the entire time.  Not recommended!

The best part about training this time of year is that I don’t have to take the swimming and biking to seriously.  I can get into the pool and just swim laps.  I can spin a few times a week or hop on the trainer and just have fun with it.  And I can really concentrate on my running for the time being.

My 1/2 marathon training begins this week.  I am really going to concentrate on building my endurance and gaining speed.  And I want to train right.  And by right, I mean, on a schedule.  I have been down this road- it always starts out with the best intentions and then along the way I lose sight of the schedule and end up just doing what I want, when I want.  This time, I hope it is different.  If the schedule says speed-work, then speed-work it is.  Hills are hills and an easy run means easy!  I am hoping that this will help me stick better to my summer tri training schedule.  With bigger tri races on the agenda, I cannot afford to putz around with the training.

The schedule starts out light…and picks up about a mile or so a week (the good ol’ 10% rule) leading up to the Donna 1/2 Marathon on Feb 21.  Because I am basically starting over with my training, I feel like that is the smartest plan.  The longest run is 11 miles; for the most part the “long runs” range from 5-8 miles with two shorter runs in the week.  I am looking forward to progressing and hopefully getting a PR in Orlando in about 10 weeks from now!

Sometimes when I read how many miles my fellow bloggers are running each week, I feel lame, like I should be doing more…but I have to remember that I am running for myself.   All of this started as a journey to better me.  A better swimmer, biker and runner.  It is tough to read about what everyone else is doing and not compare myself.  It is tough to remember that each person is on a different journey.  This past week Felice wrote an awesome post that reflected this same insecurity.   So many people commented having the same feelings; more proof that the blog world is a wonderful community.  I know, that for me, reading those comments made me feel so much better.  I love having this blog and I appreciate every reader and all your support.  I love reading about your successes and sharing mine 🙂  The self-judgments are my own- and they must be stopped!

Do you ever find yourself comparing your efforts to other people’s?  How do you deal with that inner negative voice?


12 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be Back!

  1. $20-25 seems normal to me for a 5k, though less is always a good surprise. $30 is ‘ridiculous’ to me… it’s 3(.1) freakin’ miles. i am not paying $30.

    at least you still had an active week so we can let the not-racing slide 😉

  2. Constantly bash myself for running to slow (or walking sometimes) especially when somebody passes me. It’s really hard to swallow when hundreds of people pass me in a race, I feel so “dead in the water”

  3. I really compare myself to other bloggers. It seems like it’s so easy for some of them (especially the ones who don’t have full-time jobs/school!) to eat perfectly and workout everyday. I just have to remind myself that I’m my own person with my own life.

  4. Always remember you are running for yourself:) I constantly compare myself to others, but I have to remember- if I try to do what they do, I will probably end up injured on the couch, and then I’ll really be doing less!!

  5. For some reason, I am pretty immune to comparing myself. I try to use other people’s accomplishments as motivation. I understand that everyone is different – my husband and I are following the same schedule and even we have a hard time staying in sync. Our bodies just react differently. I like to look back at my own accomplishments and see how much progress I have made.

    Yay for a new training schedule! I love to follow the schedules EXACTLY as they are written too! Just make sure you give yourself rest time 🙂

    Any cost right now is too much for us for a race 😦 We have really cut back and I miss racing so much. I actually asked for half marathon registration on my holiday wishlist! 😉

  6. I avoid just about any 5K race out there. The price of entry and distance isn’t worth the hassle of finding a parking space, getting bumped and bruised by inconsiderate runners, and of course the usual number of morons on the course.

  7. i personally don’t like paying to run a 5k. I can “stomach” paying to run a 10k. but, we’re all different.

    I’m glad to see you’re active….and that’s all that matters right now. We can read other’s blog as a sense of encouragement, enlightenment, motivation and whatnot…as long as you are ‘pushing youtrself” and making deposits inot the “want-to” bank..it’s all good baby!

  8. I’ve been thinking the same thing – how much is too much for a 5K. I think $20-$25 is acceptable but the max. Anything more than that is not worth the cash.

    Good luck with the Half training – keep writing and we will all keep you honest & consistent!

  9. The $25 seems about right, but I also think your reasoning is perfectly acceptable! It’s hard to race when the fees start to mount… especially if they involve travel.

    Sounds like you’re planning smart for the Donna race… good luck with your training. Make it an enjoyable experience! 🙂

  10. I usually will pay about $25 for a 5k. However if it is a benefit run I will pay a bit more because I would donate money (when I can) anyway.

    Do I compare my accomplishments to others? That is a yes from every honest person. It is impossible not to do that. I run lots of miles because I love to run (a bit too much at times). This year I have started really loving racing, any distance. Before I would pretty much only race full marathons (I did 4 my first year then 3 the next…). Now I am loving the challenge of improving at different distances without the pressure of the long training schedule. And when I read about other racing more, I do think I am not doing enough.
    I need reminded at times (thanks!!) that my running is for ME. I run because I love it. Good run or bad run, I still just love doing it.

  11. That’s expensive! In Holland a 5K is usually under $10 and I wouldn’t pay more either. A 10K is between $10 and $20 usually.

    I don’t compare myself to others, like you I run for myself. Some of my fellow bloggers run much more months/years than I do and some only run while I also workout in the gym. I’m happy with every goal that I’ve set for myself and happy for others if they reach a goal they have set for themselves. At the end of the day we are all runners no matter how many miles we’ve run and that’s what connects us.

    Great workouts Jill! You’re back on track

    Oh yes and about the schedule, I’ve trained for my 5K and 10K with a schedule and always followed it. I have one ready for a 15K training and for a half marathon but first I have to run a 10K in about an hour and that might take all of next year 🙂

  12. I probably would have made the same decision. $25 is my TOP for a 5K, and that’s only if it is one that I know is a well-run 5K. Otherwise, $20 is the top for me.

    One of the best comments I got on my post was one that reminded me that we don’t know others’ backstories when we compare ourselves to them and feel bad about what we’re doing. It’s so true. it’s hard, though, not to do it sometimes but, definitely good to have the supportive blogging community!

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