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2010 Goals-Tri’s, Running and Working Out

With only a few weeks left in the year I guess it is time to lay out the yearly goals.  🙂

This is going to be a three-part post (all together would be far too long) divided up between these goals, nutrition goals and goals for my blog in 2010.

When it comes to tri’s, running and working out:


  • Finish an Olympic Tri- I am already signed up for the NJ State Olympic Triathlon and I am really looking forward to the race.  I have only so far completed sprint distance races and I am excited about the challenge.
  • Better biking- This is obvious.  I need to not suck at biking.  I did get a trainer so I am hoping that, combined with all my spinning, it gets me more comfortable on the bike.
  • Attend more OWS– Last summer I only attended three open water swims (OWS) and it was reflected in my racing.  I am a really good swimmer, but mostly all my practice is in a pool.  My team is working on securing a lake for OWS and I really hope this goes through because I would benefit greatly.  The pool is great for drills and general swimming, but it is difficult to work on sighting and deep and dark waters.


  • Get the 2:10:00- My half-marathon goal time for 2010.  I have 5 definite 1/2’s planned and two maybe races…a possibility of seven total chances to meet this goal.  It will require me to pace at @ 9:55 for the entire 13.1 miles.  To date, my best time is 2:27 so this would be a substantial difference!
  • See a 28:??- I don’t care if it is 28:59, I just want to get under 29:00 for a 5k.
  • Brave the cold- I have a 1/2 planned for February and one planned for March.  I really hate the treadmill but usually choose it in the winter because I also really hate the cold.  I need to suck it up and run outside.  I am limited because of the dark nights but the goal is to do all my weekend runs outside and if I have a chance (like a day off) use that as another opportunity as well.
  • Up the mileage- My goal for 2010 is to run 650 miles.  By the end of this year I will have run close to 400 miles.  This is since March, when I started keeping track, so it is not an exact number given that I had actually started running again in February.  400 seems like nothing in comparison to some runners, but for me, that number is huge!  Up until two years ago, I never thought about running at all…then to run almost 400 miles in 11 months…huge!  I think 650 is a completely attainable goal, yet something I will still need to be diligent about in order to meet.


  • Get Strong- I usually strength train 2-3 times a week depending on what my training schedule looks like, but I want to make it a point to focus on my strength training this year at least three times a week.  This way, I can dedicate each day to a specific work-out for my arms, legs and core.
  • Stretch it out- I am so bad at remembering to stretch before work-outs.  I am really good with it before and after runs, but for some reason always forget before any other work-out.
  • Push-Up Challenge-I am going to begin this challenge right after the new year.  As of right now I can do about 8-10 comfortably in one rep…yeah, I have a long way to go!!!  I work my arms out pretty good as it is, but I am looking for more definition and think this is a good avenue to explore- time to get my arms jacked!!!
  • Sit-Up Challenge- I am not tracking this one in the same way as the push-up challenge…this one is all my own.  My goal is to complete 500 crunches a week.  A while ago I tried to do 200 a night, but that is just unrealistic for me.  And it was overkill.  500 is a good number for the week because I can commit to five days/nights a week without a problem.  Hello six pack…here I come!
  • Pilates- My gym has a pilates class once a week at night and I am going to make it a point to incorporate this into my weekly routine.  I was going to start going last week but with finals and now Christmas, it is just too much.  Therefore, I will be starting the week after Christmas.  Hopefully it goes better than yoga did!
  • No Overloading- Sometimes I get so backed up that I end up sqeezing too much into one work-out.  My goal for 2010 is to work-out/train four to five days a week as consistently as possible so that I don’t get into the habit of overloading myself again.
  • More two-a-days- I love two-a-days but I definitely slacked off on morning work-outs once it started getting cold.  I would much rather kill two work-outs in one day and free up another day for myself, so this is something I am going to re-focus on after the new year.

That is all for now…I am sure I will add to this and I assure you I will be re-visiting it at different points throughout the year, but for now I think this is a really good start.

Stay tuned for the nutrition and blog goal coming up within the week.

What are some of your 2010 goals when it comes to training and working out?


20 thoughts on “2010 Goals-Tri’s, Running and Working Out

  1. Hey Girl we are only a few miles from each other…give me a ring anytime you want to run, will force me to get out there in the cold as well!
    Unite Half will be here before we know it!

  2. I like the goals! The push up challenge is a tough one. I have liked it, but I gave up on getting to 100. I’m just following week 3 to keep me doing push ups 3x a week. And, you know, to sculpt some killer arms. Ha!

  3. Wow. That is a great list of goals. I feel unbelieveably unplanned after reading you blog.

    I am really impressed with your list. I look forward to seeing your other areas of goals. What a great year you are going to have.

  4. Great goals! You can totally do them!

    I did the hundred push-up challenge last summer. But I could never get beyond week 5, I repeated that week over and over. Maybe I should try the challenge again this year too!

  5. Good luck with the goals. Keep in mind that training for a half PR is a little different than training for a 5K PR (even in a Tri). Focus on the half and I am positive your Tri runs will still be great!

  6. Looks like some good goals! I want to do more two a days too! I like running in the mornings then hitting up a class at the gym at night cause then its not too hard.

  7. Great goals! I have not made a list, but that is a wonderful idea. I think I would steal your brave the cold and no overloading. I ran outside in the 10 degree weather this week and I was fine!

  8. Very nice list. I like how you split everything out. I have doubt you will achieve your goals! I think the key to getting stronger on the bike is just a lot of saddle time. Hope you get the trainer you want.

  9. Holy cow Jill this is really inspiring for me! You really thought this through and I love the goals you’ve set for yourself.

    I haven’t any goals set YET but I will do this before the end of this year and read this post again for inspiration.

    The push up challenge looks good.
    I did Pilates for a while and I loved doing it, it’s really good for your body and certainly in combination with running. I might think that over again if I go back in January.

    Thanks for sharing, again it inspired me and I’m looking forward to your other goals.

  10. Great goals!! I can’t wait to hear about the tri’s and your training. My goals have a lot to do with running, though I’m going to focus on strength and flexibility too.

  11. Great goals Jillian – I did the Hundred Pushups challenge and it was fun but it did screw up my other strength training because of volume required during the program.

    Stay away from crunches and situps. They are worse on your back & body than any gains in your core. Opt for the Pilates or pick different exercises – things like planks & birddogs.

    If you ever want to talk about some strength training and get some feedback please let me know.

  12. Make sure you’re careful when doing the push-ups challenge…that’s how I pulled the muscle in my chest that sidelined my training in October and November.

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