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Let’s Just Forget That!

Ok, so here’s the thing…my landlord STILL has not plowed my lot (I have a huge apt update coming soon!) therefore I am going to continue crashing at my parents house for at least another day or two.  I don’t have my laptop here so I am using my parents computer.  I have decided that since last week was pretty much a bust due to holiday craziness and the weather, that there will be no week in review.  I will give you a quick update though:

  • I  hate the snow.
  • The only upside is that my school was closed so I got an extra day off to catch up on everything I would have done over the weekend.
  • Last week I only got in two out of three runs.  Was not running in a blizzard and the gym was closed. 
  • I am ridiculously behind on my google reader. 
  • Oh, and I hate snow.

Ok bloggies…back to the grind!  I still have a few more stores to hit and all my gifts to wrap.  It is going to be a crazy few days!! 

Are you in a snowy area??  Did you get hit hard??  Do you like the snow?

7 thoughts on “Let’s Just Forget That!

  1. Here’s the thing, I LOVE snow. As in when there is snow in the forecast I’m practically jumping for joy. We did not get hit with the last snow storm that went up the east coast. 😦 I’m bummed about it, but I have no control over it. I am hoping for more snow soon because I haven’t been snow shoeing yet this year (Santa brought the family snow shoes last Christmas).

  2. I hate snow! It messes up with all my plans and it’s cold and I can’t run outside because it’s too slippery. Need I say more? 🙂

    As said in my reaction on your previous post, we have snow here and we don’t have it often. Everybody’s loving it except for me 😆

  3. in NJ and we got hit hard. i hate the snow, i hate the winter. i just do better in the nice hot sun. i do like the IDEA of sledding and the kids playing in the snow and skiing and hot chocolate but really it is a pain in the ass to get the kids dress, and myself and then my hair is staticky and my eyes tear and my skin is itchy and dry. you get the point.

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