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Three Things Tuesday- Holidays & Photos

Holiday Shirt: This is the shirt I wore for work today 🙂  We were allowed to dress down because our work holiday party is tonight.  Dress down days are always awesome, but due to the mass amounts of snow still out, it was even better!

Holiday Tree: This is our school’s giving tree- I work in a fairly poor community and we have many families in need.  Take note, the tree is empty!!!!!  All of the tags were taken and many gifts have been provided 🙂

Holiday Gifts: There was much madness this morning (snow day yesterday, holidays coming up…) but all of these goodies made dealing with the craziness just a bit easier.  It really is nice to be appreciated 🙂

8 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday- Holidays & Photos

  1. Love that shirt! LOL!

    That’s awesome that even in a poorer (is that a word?) community, everyone was still able to pull together and bring Christmas to all! Congrats!

    Merry Christmas girl!!!

  2. wow!!! i love your shirt and you got a lot of great looking gifts!! fun!!! hope the party was fun too 🙂 merry christmas eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    btw– love “the giving tree” what a great idea.

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