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Snowy Run and One More Sleep!

Merry Christmas Eve 🙂

This morning I woke up at my parents house (yes, I am still here) and had the urge to go for a run.  Luckily, when I packed my bags to stay here I packed most of my running stuff so I was prepared.  It was 9am and a blustery 24degrees but it was wonderful!  I just went out and had fun with it…stopped along the way to really enjoy it and I took lots of photos!

Before my run…

My gloves- gotta have the fingers free for picture-taking (and yes my nails are real!).


Had to be careful…very icy!!!!

Luckily, most of the street had a clear pathway.

The ducks were out for a morning swim.

More duck friends.

About halfway through…my face says it all- I must be crazy!!!

My gorgeous view.  I am not a fan of snow, but it was so unbelievably beautiful out there this morning.

 All done!  Felt great, however…I did not anticipate the frozen eyelashes!  My eyes were watering and it would freeze!

After my run I finished up some last minute errands and then came back here to help out around the house.  Tonight is our annual Christmas Eve dinner and then tomorrow Santa comes- one more sleep ❤ 

I will, of course, be taking lots of photos!

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday…I’ll be back after Christmas with my last two goals posts and my 2010 race calendar.  Oh, and a really sweet give-a-way!!!  Stay tuned 🙂

11 thoughts on “Snowy Run and One More Sleep!

  1. so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your area! it sort of reminds me of vt with the wooden fence and field. great run! you are lucky there are clear paths 🙂 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!

  2. First, your nails are AWESOME!
    Second, the gloves are great, I need those. I can’t use my iPhone with gloves.

    Good job getting out on a cold morning, even battling frozen eyelashes! You look great in the pictures and it sounds like a nice run despite the temps. Happy Holidays Jill!

  3. It almost looks as if you were running in my neighbourhood. I’ve been running too yesterday and had almost the same views as you did.

    Have a merry Christmas Jill.

  4. Way to go getting out there!! Your nails are AMAZING!! I am totally jealous and off to pain my little nubs.

    Hugs and Merry Christmas.

    I am drafting my 2010 goals post. A Giveaway?? FUN times!!

  5. You look adorable Ms. Skinny Miny about to go out for your run! I love those mittens. I seriously need some of these! (Yes I know I live in Florida but my hands are cold when it’s cold out!!!)

    Love all the pics!

    (still catching up) 🙂

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