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Post Holiday Give-A-Way!!!!!

Hi bloggies- what better way to spread out the holiday season just a bit longer than with a give-a-way!!!!

OneLittleTriGirl’s Post Holiday Give-A-Way!!!!

What can you win?

As pictured:

A bag of 20 Holiday Vanilla Gingerbread Flavor GU’s (sponsored by GU)*

-A one-year subscription to Runner’s World magazine

How to enter (one comment per entry please):

  • Visit the GU website and check out their products.  If you are already a GU fan, share with me your favorite flavor.  If you have never tried GU, tell me what flavor you would be most excited to try?  What other products from GU do you use or would you be interested in using with your training?
  • Tell me: Do you read Runner’s World?  What is your favorite magazine (sports related or not)?  Why you are interested in this subscription?  (Note: if you already subscribe you can have it sent to a loved one or even another blogger…no problem :))
  • Link this give-a-way on your blog and let me know so you get credit!

So there you have it!  Three chances to win 🙂  A winner will be selected at random and announced Friday, January 8th, 2010 @ noon.

Have fun !!!

*Just want to give the people at GU an extra shout out.  When they offered to sponsor this, they also mailed me a huge bag of my favorite flavor, Tri-Berry for my 2010 racing season.  Seriously, awesome!!!

41 thoughts on “Post Holiday Give-A-Way!!!!!

  1. I just picked up Runner’s World last week and devoured it!! I will subscribe if I don’t win, so it would be cool to save the fundage!! My fav magazine right now is Living. And yes, I know what that says about me. 🙂

  2. HI!! I am a brand new reader!

    I have tried the strawberry banana GU, but haven’t been on long enough runs to do more than that! I would love to try the espresso, because I LOVE coffee 🙂

    I would love the Runner’s World subscription because I am a brand new runner and I am going to get a subscription to it….but if I win it, it’s money saved lol! I am currently reading Shape. I love the success stories 🙂

  3. I devour my Runner’s World when it shows up in my mailbox. OK, devour might be the wrong word – but my family knows not to bother me when it comes because I’ll be too busy reading I won’t hear them.

  4. Great giveaway! I have NEVER tried GU, but have heard so many great things about them. I think I would want to try Vanilla Gingerbread. Oh! That is the flavor you are giving away! Sweet. Ha. That sounded best to me.

  5. Oh gosh. I anxiously await my monthly issue of Runner’s World. Seriously. Someone tagged me for a “10 things that make me happy” meme and I already drafted out to put “receiving RW” on there. I love RW. It’s my fave mag, out of all that I get. I brought it with me to work to read on the bike today. I would LOVE to give a copy to my neighbor, who reads my old issues and sometimes runs with me!

  6. I read runners world all the time. Its like my easy enjoyable reading magazine. and its pretty much the only magazine i read! I havent tried the gingerbread GU but I really wanted to.

  7. yay! giveaway!

    1. i love gu. it is my go-to long run fuel. i use gu roctane (in addition to clif shot bloks). i especially like blueberry pomegranate, but orange vanilla is also good (very sweet!!!). i haven’t used any other gu products, but would be interested in trying them all, just to try them. you never know what product is going to work for you, so i am all about experimenting to find a good fit.

  8. 2. yes, i do read runner’s world! i also use their website and get their email daily flyers and quote of the day. i think they have great advice, suggestions, and articles. my FAVORITE magazine is either runner’s world, oxygen, or body + soul. i like all of these because they steer clear of pop culture drama, focus on health + fitness realistically and whole body- mental and physical.

  9. 1. This weekend Spike had me try the Blueberry-Pomegrante Gu and it was yummy ( a little frozen but yummy! ) It was my first try at GU as I usually use Power Bar. I will def try again!

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  11. gu is so awesome! they hooked me up with a bunch of goodies for a giveaway back in august 🙂

    i love all of their stuff. chomps make a great snack, er, training fuel i mean. and the gu oh the gu. i always want to take it more than every 45 minutes!

  12. I have actually wanted to try the gingerbread flavor since I first heard about it!
    I love RW but don’t subscribe. I usually just check it out of the library.

    Great giveaway!

  13. I have never tried GU…I’m a beginner @ running to say the least 🙂 Would like to try the blueberry-pomegranate or mint-chocolate.

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