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Amazing New Gym and The 500 Mile Club

The new L.A. Fitness by my house opened and let me just tell you, it is Ah-MAZZZZE-ing!!!!!!  I am sure as far as L.A. Fitness is concerned it is the same crap and before long there will be plenty of scantily clad girls with bad make-up and dudes roaming around looking for a girlfriend.  BUT…the point is, it is awesome!  Not only is it seven minutes from my house AND on my way to/from work but there were so many other great things!  The treadmill was seriously the best treadmill ever- besides the fact that each one has its own TV and I could watch basketball during my whole workout, it is so ridiculously state of the art.  The run was so smooth I could almost forget I was even on a treadmill (except you know, I wasn’t moving and it was inside!) and I really enjoyed it.  Plus, it tracks everything!  My longtime readers know I really detest the treadmill, but I must say, my hatred it lessened after my run today.  In addition to all that, they have much more equipment than my old gym AND it is more spread out so I don’t feel like I am sitting on someone’s lap when I am lifting.  And the last bonus is that the pool is HUGE!  Yeah, I am loving this gym!


This year I joined Robin’s 500 Mile+++ club.  The idea is to commit to  running 500 or more miles and donate extra change to a charity of one’s choice.  Check it out…she is still taking members!!

My running goal for the year is 650 miles (as you can see on my ticker countdown) and now I have even more motivation to get there!

My charity of choice is Back On My Feet.  I am already participating in their 20 in 24 relay this July and I will be raising money for them in the fall for the Philadelphia Marathon.  Robin suggested we have fun with saving and I love the idea.  Here is my savings plan:  I love the number 3; it is my favorite number and I want to incorporate into my plan.  So for every mile I bike I am going to donate 3 pennies and for every mile I run I am going to donate 3 nickels.  I will do this at the end of each week.  Now that might not seem like a lot in small portions, but small change adds up fast.  If I meet my miles for the year it will equal almost one hundred dollars and it’s almost a dollar a week just for my two spin classes!  That doesn’t include any of my other bike training or the chance I could go over my goal miles.  I am so excited for this journey!

I also took Robin’s advice and have a special jar for saving.  It was once filled to the brim with change and given to me as a gift from my parents to help me pay for my first race bike.  It has a picture of a bike on it and I have since added some other stickers.  I use it when I am saving for random race items but now it will be for this challenge.  I wanted to post a photo but I can’t find my camera charger anywhere!!!!!  As soon as I find it, and charge it, I will post a photo.

13 thoughts on “Amazing New Gym and The 500 Mile Club

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg i’m soooo excited 🙂

    heheheh i never win anything 🙂

    what is your email?? i will send you my address. also i want to gift the RW subscription since i do get it.

    i am jealous– i reeeeeeally want to join a new gym with classes and nice facilities. it’s just so easy to stay with $10/mo no frills gym. but boring 🙂

  2. I love nice gyms. They just opened a 24-hour mega sport gym near me and since I was already a member, I get to use this one also. Score. I love how big it is and no matter what time I get there, there’s always a treadmill available. Even with the resolutionists all there. You will love it!! Nice idea with the change…I will look into that. Thanks. Happy rest of the weekend!

  3. Glad you are happy with your new gym. 7 minutes away from home would be AWESOME! That’s what I want in a gym… the best deal for me right now is a gym that is about a 20 minute drive away from home… and that’s only if traffic is cooperating! That kind of sucks when you have to add in an extra 40+ minutes to go get your workout.

    I love the donation idea and I love your ticker. I need a set goal for miles so I can incorporate one of those! 🙂 But I should think of an amount to give to the Komen foundation for my yearly miles. Great idea!

  4. Your new gym sounds awesome and it’s great that it’s so close by. My gym has a few machines with a tv on it and if they’re free I always use those, it really makes time fly.

    I think it’s great you joined Robin’s 500 mile club. I’m a reader of her blog and saw she set this up. Good for you that you joined!

  5. Jill,

    Thanks so much for sharing our Pay it Forward 500+ Mile Club info AND for joining our group! It’s great having triathletes training with us; you guys bring a different (more expanded) perspective to what we do… love that! Would love to see a pic of your jar! (misplaced one of my media cards and can’t use lots of pics right now, so I feel your pain….grrr!)

    Also, when you get a chance, send me your e-mail address (mine’s on my profile), so I can send you the Turtles blog interview questions… yes, I’d love to feature you! 🙂 Still waiting on few responses to invites I sent this week – need a feature for 1/20. Will be working on posts Mon, 1/18 (no school, as you know).

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