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Week In Review; 1/4-1/10

Yeah- first week in review for 2010!!!

Instead of just rambling along about my week I am trying out a new format…there are 52 weeks in a year so I am sure this may change, but having a more formatted Week In Review is a blog goal of mine for 2010.  I have taken ideas from different blogs (because you are all awesome!) and tweaked them to make them my own.  Hope you like 🙂

Week In Review; 1/4-1/10


  • Running- 7 miles for the week; broken down into two runs.   Saturday: 3 miles on treadmill @ 10:21 pace.  I really hate the treadmill, but this one  at my new gym is so different.  It was the best run I ever had on a treadmill.  Sunday: 4 miles on treadmill @ 10:25 pace.   For the first time EVER, I chose to run on the treadmill!  It was too cold (23 degrees) and there was a basketball game on that I could watch if I ran on the treadmill.  Score!  These past two runs really have my confidence up!  Both were really strong!
  • Strength training- lifted 20 minutes/arms; 15 minutes/back
  • Sit-up challenge- 200 for the week.
  • Cross training- Elliptical 15 minutes.

Weekly High: My run Saturday.  For as much as I hate the treadmill, which is a lot…I loved this run.  The treadmills there are awesome and the run was strong.  And I got to watch a basketball game on my own private TV which hooked to my IPOD so I could listen too.  That made the time fly and made me want to run longer.  It was pretty much a repeat Sunday so that was actually a high too!

Weekly Low: Being sick for sure.  I missed pilates, spin and didn’t run for seven days!  SEVEN!  I also did not complete 500 sit-ups.  Not working out brought be down emotionally too.


  • The above cross-training on the elliptical…yeah, that was the first time ever that I was on one.  They always intimidated me for some reason but I decided this year would be the year I try it out.  I didn’t love it- actually I was quite bored (even with the TV)- but I am going to continue to give it chance.
  • I decided against the push-up challenge after hearing so many horror stories and realizing it would take WAY too much commitment.
  • Clarification on the sit-up challenge: they are not all JUST sit-ups.  It is a mixture of planks, crunches and other ab exercises.
  • The weather man says we are coming into a warm front…warm=40degrees???…I do not think so!!  But hey, after the past weeks of 5-20degree weather, 40 probably will seem warm, so I’ll take it!!!
  • Today at the gym, a guy dropped his phone and when he picked it up, he kissed it.  He kissed his phone.  New L.A. Fitness…same idiots.

Life: I got my renewal lease in the mail and decided not to sign.  This year has been hell because of my upstairs neighbor and my landlord has done nothing about it despite my many requests.  I did not find a new apartment so I will be moving home (temporarily) in February.  I will post fully about this later.  

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. My health- feels so good to feel good!!!  I am still not 100% but I say I am at least 90% and that is so much better than where I was!
  2. My job- I don’t love it, but I have one.  This week two people I know were laid off and one of my friends lost her benefits.  I am so lucky to have a secure job with great benefits.
  3. My office assistant- I am so lucky to work closely with someone who has my back.  He is always willing to step up when needed and he convinced me to take a day off this week which I really needed.  That is just one of the many ways he is there for me.

Quote of the week:

  • The Six W’s: Work will win when wishing won’t. -Todd Blackledge

So bloggies, whatta ya think of the new week in review layout??   How is the weather in your neck of the woods??


9 thoughts on “Week In Review; 1/4-1/10

  1. I love the idea for a week in review! Great! You will be able to look back on these and see how much as changed! 🙂

    BTW, I have been a Tar Heels fan as long as I can remember, thanks to my Dad! Let’s hope they can continue pushing through this game and get another W on their schedule!

  2. I like the new weekly recap! I was wondering the same thing as Heather – what are the push up horror stories?

    For some reason. I have great runs on the office teadmills, but not ours at home. I don’t get it! They don’t have cool TVs like the one at your gym, but I totally get in the groove and wish I didn’t have to stop and go to work! 😉

    LOL @ the guy that kissed his phone.

    I am happy to hear you’re feeling almost better! And am wondering about the new housing search…

  3. I love this new weekly review, it’s pleasant to read this week.

    I started the push up challenge today. I’ll see how it goes, if I notice I’m having trouble or it gets in the way with my other workouts I’ll quit. I managed to do 3 which is lousy so I really need the strenght in my upper body.

  4. glad you are feeling better! sucks to have had to take so much time off but better than dragging out that bug for weeks and weeks. sometimes the treadmill is more appealing to me than outside… we must be weird 😉

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