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Surprise Give-A-Way :)

I have been blogging almost every day since the New Year began (sick of me yet?!?) which was one of my blog goals for 2010.  Blogging is a definite commitment and I am sure when school starts up again my posts will be fewer, but I hope to keep up more frequently as I have because writing for me is very cathartic. 🙂 


A few days ago in this post, I asked for some song suggestions for my new playlist.  It needs a make-over and I was looking for some songs I might not have thought of.  Thanks to those who came through and as promised, one reader is being rewarded. 

A few months ago the wonderful people at LaraBar sent me some bars to try and give-a-way.  I ❤ Lara bars (cashew cookie is my favorite) and highly recommend them!  Lara Bars are gluten, dairy and soy free.  Super healthy and very tasty!

  • I listed the contributors on an excel page so that each bloggy had a number.
  • I asked a random student in my office to give me a number between 1-8  (good odds!!!)
  • He picked number 7!

Congrats to Jill from JillWillRun

Jill send me your address and I’ll get the bars out to you 🙂


Is anyone else thinking TGIF for tomorrow already???  I know I am- three day weekend ahead! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Surprise Give-A-Way :)

  1. I WON???? Oh my goodness, it must be my month of winning :)! Thank, I am very excited, I heart Lara bars – yummy!!

    Okay, I’ll try to figure out how to email you, this computer thing isn’t my forte but if I can’t, can you email me: runlikeagirljp@gmail.com

    Today is my Friday, we have finals this week and today is our last day. And to boot, I am off until next Wednesday. Yeah, you can hate me if you want…but only for a few minutes. I’ll run some extra miles for you, how’s that! Happy Thursday.

    btw, one of my favorite playlist songs is: sex is on fire by kings of leon and also I love blue oysters cults, don’t fear the reaper.

  2. I started reading this and my first reaction was, “You got Larabars from the company?!!! I’m so freakin’ jealous!”

    But then I saw that I won your surprise giveaway. I was definitely surprised! Awesome!

  3. I’m glad Jill won!
    I heart lara bars – super tasty! I am always afraid people are gonna get sick of me blogging, too! So far so good, but it’s early! And yes, can it be Friday yet? Please, please!

  4. I have never had a larabar. I wonder if I would like them 🙂 I am so happy the weekend is here for me (5-day weekend). I am WORN OUT! 😦 wah wah wah 😉

    I like it when you post a lot 😉

  5. Help me out here: what is TGIF? 🙂

    I’m at work right now it’s 8 am and have only one day ahead before my weekend start and really look forward to it.

    I blog every two days because blogging takes a bit more time since English is not my native language. But I usually write a bit every night so I won’t forget the things I want to tell.

    I love blogging, it’s helping me in my weight loss journey. Ever since I started in June last year I started to loss weight. You and the other people who read my blogs and whose blogs I read motivate and inspire me.

    Have a nice weekend Jill!

  6. Since I’ve been out of the loop a little, I missed your give away. But I do have a song for you:
    Kings of Leon, Learn to Crawl. Great tempo, great words, fun to run to. At least I think so. 🙂
    Good job on the blogging every day! I’m trying to get back to that. I’ll be checking in more often.
    I don’t have a three-day weekend. Please enjoy yours for both of us! I’m still thankful it’s Friday!!

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