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Week In Review- 1/11-1/17

Welcome to all the new readers. 🙂  I wish I had a cool name for you all (Like TallMom’s Bloggy Pack!) but until I think of something clever, you are all just my bloggies ❤  I have been diligently updating my reader adding the OneLittleTriGirl newbies to get to know all of you!   If you are a reader, don’t be afraid to say hello 🙂

Week In Review; 1/11-1/17


  • Running–  8.2 miles for the week.  Wednesday: 3.7 miles on treadmill @ 10:20 pace.  This was my first AM run since before the New Year.  I love early morning work outs but it was tough getting back into the swing of things.  Saturday: 4.5 miles on treadmill @ 10:22 pace.  I really should have run outside because it was pretty nice out (40 degrees is nice in winter in NJ) but I wanted to get a strength and abs session in so the treadmill it was.  Good run although my shins were acting up and required a nice icing later in the day.  So far (hope I am not jinxing it) my knees have held up really well.
  • Biking Rode the stationary bike (boooorrrrriiinnnggg) for 30 minutes.
  • Strength training– 1 hour of pilates, 30 minute strength session- arms and chest.
  • Abs challenge– 500 for the week.
  • Cross training– 40 minutes on Elliptical- 20 minutes on Monday and 20 minutes on Sunday.

Weekly High: I found my camera charger!!  It was hiding in a bag with some of my Christmas gifts.  I was so very happy to find it because I made it a 2010 life goal to take more photos.  My battery is happily charging as I write 🙂

Weekly Low: I didn’t make it to spin class.  I had a TT Board Meeting (I am secretary of my club) and the class was at the same time.  I just couldn’t fit in any of the other classes.  And I am bored to tears by the stationary bike!


  • I really feel myself getting faster.  I can tell by my times that this is true and it has a been a major confidence boost!
  • I am going to be participating in Casey’s virtual 10k this Saturday the 23rd.  This will be my longest training run in 2 months (since the Philly Half) and I am looking very forward to it!
  • Morning workouts always make me feel so ready for my day.  I hydrate, eat and overall feel better all day after a good morning workout.  Plus I always sleep better at night when I have had a morning workout.  Clearly I need to stick with this plan!
  • I am now calling the sit-up challenge, the abs challenge.
  • I am still getting used to the elliptical…I don’t feel 100% comfortable and I feel like I look ridiculous.

Life: One week until I move and I have almost nothing ready.  I am slacking big time.  Also, school starts this week…my last semester (I hope) and I am not looking forward to having more on my plate.  One of the classes is an elective which I am looking forward too, but the other is one I am dreading because it will entail a lot of boring reading.

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Opportunities to sleep in.  My neighbor was away this weekend (double yeah) and I went to bed early Friday and woke up at 8:30am!!!  10+ hours of glorious sleep! And yes, 8:30am is totally sleeping in for me!
  2. All of you!  My blogversary is fast approaching (and I have big things planned!) and I cannot imagine my life without all you wonderfully supportive bloggies!  Lately I have “met” many new bloggers and I look forward to getting to know you all 🙂
  3. Pretty much everything right now.  The devastation in Haiti is almost too much to bear and my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by this in any way.

Quote of the week: In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the reasons why not.


11 thoughts on “Week In Review- 1/11-1/17

  1. My blogversary is coming up soon, too! I might do my first giveaway to celebrate 😉

    I’ve never tried spinning, but I think I’d like it! It seems fun and like it would go by quickly.

  2. Hehehe Bloggy Pack is nowhere creative, just used it one day and it stuck.

    HELLO ABS!! Wowzers..

    FYI I have info about a Bloggy meet-up that formed last week, wanted to give you warning since you had emailed me.. Seattle is calling your name..

    Hugs to you and GETTING PACKED!!

  3. Great week Jill!

    I love working out in the morning too but on work days that just isn’t possible as my gym opens at 8 and I will be at work too late then.

    However when summer is here and it’s getting hotter I will get up early for morning runs, start work a bit later and work a bit longer. On my days off and in the weekens I usually work out in the morning.

  4. I too made a promise to take more pictures this year, I even got a new dig cam for xmas, but alas, other then new years eve, I haven’t taken a single picture. fail.

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