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2010 Race Calendar

Ok…so here it is…my tentative 2010 race schedule 🙂  Bout time I get on with posting it…you know, before the season actually starts!  I know it looks like a lot (and I guess it is in comparison to 2009) but I like to constantly have events to look forward to.  Many of the road races are discounted for early reg, one was half price because I attend RU and I am not paying for a single one of the tri’s (perk to volunteering for the past two years) so financially it is not as bad as it may initially look.  What it comes down to is this: I want to do as much as I can while I still can.  I have nothing holding me back (not married, no kids) and I am healthy (knock on wood).  Seize the day, right?!?

February 21- 1/2 Marathon; Jacksonville, Florida. The 26.2 with Donna or as I like to think of it, The 13.1 with Morgan!  I am so excited for this trip.  Morgan and I have so much fun stuff planned- country line-dancing, shopping, lunch with Robin, a dinner show, more shopping, road trip to Jacksonville, the expo, some more shopping, the race of course and the road trip back to Orlando!  We are totally planning to just have fun with this race…pink tu-tu’s, pink and red knee socks, big pink hair bows…you get the idea.  It is going to be a photo extravaganza!

March 21- 1/2 Marathon; Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The Shamrock. I am running this race with three friends of mine from high school, Michele, Colleen and Monique.  It is St. Patty’s weekend so of course it’s go green or go home!!!  Originally I was going to race this “just for fun” but the more I think about it, the more I think I want to go for a PR.  I will probably mull this over until the actual race day, going solely based on how I feel leading up to the race.

April 18- 1/2 Marathon; New Brunswick, New Jersey.  CGI UNITE 13.1. This is my first “A” race of the season.  This race is being held on the Rutgers Campus and is the inaugural 1/2 marathon in what will be a new series next year for CGI.  If you have been following my blog you know that I love CGI and that my Tri Team supports them 100%.  So many of my friends and teammates are doing this race, plus it is RU where I attend school so I am super excited!

May 2*- 10 miler; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Broad Street Run. This is the run to run if you are a runner!  First of all…10 miles is my favorite distance and second the course is awesome.  Last year it was pouring rain and freezing cold and it was still a fun time.  Last year there were 26,000 runners…they don’t cap and it gets bigger every year so I can only imagine what 2010 will bring to Broad Street.

May 23- Olympic Relay Tri; Poconos, Pennsylvania.  Black Bear. This is another race put on by CGI.  I am going to be the swimmer, my teammate Kurt will bike and my teammate Brian will run.  This will be my first Olympic distance swim AND my first swim in a wetsuit.  Relay’s are all about fun and I cannot wait.  Now we just need a good team name!

June 5*- 8K; Moorestown, New Jersey.  Scott Coffee Memorial Run. The first year I ran this race I struggled big time!  It was my first “big” race and I was still such a beginner.  It was 100 degrees and I knew nothing about Body Glide at the time.  I was a hot, blistery, disgusting mess.  But, in 2009 I went back to the course ready!  And I killed it.  🙂  This is a race that I just have to run!

July 11*- Sprint Triathlon; Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  Philly Women’s Triathlon. Here’s a shock…it’s run by CGI!  I think I will forever regret not making this my first ever tri.  It really is the best race around for women and even better for first-timers.  Last year it was turned into a duathlon because of weather, so I am super looking forward to finally getting to race this!  It is my triathlon “A” race.

July 17- Relay Race; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  BomF 20 in 24. A co-worker of mine who has practically run her whole life asked if I wanted to get together a group from work and run this race.  This is cool for two reasons: it is something I get to do with work friends and it is the charity that I support.  I was thrilled that she thought of me and I am really excited for this event.  It is a 5 person relay at 8.4 miles each.  There are also two other events, the Pajama run and the Ultra.  Awesome people like Denise do the Ultra and I look forward to cheering her along.  A few of my teammates will also be doing the Ultra so I will be there to cheer them on as well 🙂

July 25- Olympic Triathlon; Mercer County Park, New Jersey.  NJ State Triathlon.  Oh, whatta ya know…another CGI triathlon!  This will be my very first Olympic Distance race and I am super excited for the new challenge.  As always, I know the bike (24miles) is going to be the toughest for me but I am determined to succeed.

August 1*- Sprint Triathlon; Belmar Beach, New Jersey.  Belmar Tri for Autism. I did this race last year and loved it.  It was the first time I did an ocean swim and despite my apprehensions, I really enjoyed it.  The bike was a little boring but the scenery throughout the whole bike/run makes up for it.  Can’t beat a race on the beach!  Oh, and they had real bathrooms (read: not porta potty’s)!!!  The goal for this race is just to PR for the course.

August 21- Sprint Triathlon; Wildwood, New Jersey.  Tri the Wildwoods.  I have really wanted to do this race for two years.  The first year I decided against it because it was only a week after my first tri and last year the weather was awful and I didn’t make the trip down.  This year I am hoping it is a different story and I can finally race this course.  I ❤ Wildwood!!!

September 19*- 1/2 Marathon; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Rock N Roll Philadelphia. This race will always be the Philadelphia Distance Run as far as I am concerned but RnR took over this year!  It is also my other “A” race.  I came so close to PR’ing this last year and walked away feeling a little disappointed.  I fully expect to have a PR before this race but this is my race to race in 2010.

October 16*- 1/2 Marathon; Baltimore, Maryland.  Baltimore Running Festival.  This beast of a race (ie: hills!!!) and I are going to go at it again in 2010.  Even though the course was tough for me, this was one of the best races.  It was well-organized, fun and had some of the best spectators.  I can’t wait to go back for more!!

November 21*- 1/2 Marathon; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia Marathon Series. This is my race.  I really love this race.  As long as I am running, I will be participating in this race.  I still hope for this to be my first full marathon when I am ready to take on the challenge.

December 5- 1/2 Marathon; Las Vegas, Nevada. Rock N Roll Las Vegas. I have never been to Vegas and I want to go oh-so-badly.  I am not much of a gambler or drinker so what better excuse than to run their half marathon!?!?!   Oh bloggies…you just wait.  There will be some details coming about this from me and a certain redhead 😉

*Races I completed in 2009

The only concern I have about this schedule is the intensity of it and staying injury free.  I have so many races within weeks of each other (especially in July with 4 race weekends in a row) and while I have an idea of which races I am going to choose to “race” and which ones I am going to be conservative about, I know I need to go into this with a good plan.  Here’s the thing…I am still working on the plan and I am kind of clueless. 


Thinking in terms of recovery (and avoiding injury) how should I train in between events?

Do you race back to back weeks?  What are your best injury prevention tips (besides the obvious resting, icing and massaging)?

Most importantly, are any of you bloggies out there doing any of these races???  I would love love love to add bloggy meet-ups to my race weekends 🙂

20 thoughts on “2010 Race Calendar

  1. Amazing races you’ve picked out! I’ll be back to see what comments you get on your questions, I am CERTAINLY NOT AN AUTHORITY on staying injury free but will be a curious onlooker 🙂 I’m hoping to hit the Olympic distance this year too….

  2. In 2006 I did seven marathons and three halfs over a five month period. In 2007 I did four marathons and two halfs over a four month period. I always treated each race as a training run for the next race. Both years, my last marathon of the season was a PR.

  3. That is a ton of races!

    You know to assign a value to your races and decide which are the most important to you. You can treat the other races like social or training events.

    I haven’t ever raced back to back. Usually I am too sore or tired to Race back to back. You could go out and participate in a race back to back, but racing would be tough.

    Injury free is a moving target. It all depends on your base and lead up to this season. Consider getting a coach to help you plan your training to achieve this goal.

  4. Impressive list of races but you’re right: now is the time to do it.

    I have no suggestions for keeping injury-free so no help here.

    And as you might have guessed: I’m not running any of these races 😆

    I look forward to your race reports of this races.

    Good luck on the training.

  5. Wow what an awesome race schedule!! You’re giving me event-envy 😉 I’m *thinking* about the Baltimore running festival, but I have to wait til it gets closer to see if I’ll be able to.

  6. Wow, people tell me I’m bad with the number of races I do…your right there as well!
    Sure I’ll see you at most of them, crossing my fingers you stay injury free.
    Be careful you don’t push what injury issues you already have. Just take the season as it comes and adjust you schedule as you body needs.
    Train safe,

  7. We’re totally meeting up at the LVRnR in December!

    I don’t know what to recommend on the racing frequency, because if I tell you what my racing frequency was leading up to my faceplant… it might scare you! 😉

    I think the best tip would be to definitely acknowledge your ‘A’ races and treat other events in between like slightly-faster-training-runs. (Because it’s really hard to hold back completely at races!)

  8. For back to back weekend races, just go with what your body feels. If you need more time to recover then take the days off or cross train. I usually just see how tired I am the days after a race and take time as needed.

  9. Impressive schedule! You are covering the a bit of east coast!

    The closest race I have run were 3 marathons within 6 weeks. I really just ran between races to keep my miles up but didn’t do anything crazy. Those races were some of my fastest ever.

    This year I am considering 2 marathons the same weekend. It’s a strech. Time will tell.

  10. yes, carpe diem! 🙂 looks like a great plan to me. i am not good at laying these out personally… it’s hard for me to plan ahead with my unreliable schedule 😦 i would like to race more often than i have in the past though – kind of like this!

  11. Thanks for the comment! Holy Crap-that is quite the race schedule! It’ll definitely keep you on your toes and continually working toward something! Good luck with the training!

  12. Wow! That is a serious list. I have done shamrock before. It is a fast course. Very flat. But at times has poor spectator support. Good luck!

    I really want to do the Las Vegas 1/2. I am pushing for the 2011 race with my hubby as my 30th b-day present!

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