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Week In Review- 1/18-1/24

Week In Review; 1/11-1/17


Running- 9.2 miles for the week. Wednesday: 3.1 miles on treadmill @ 10:10 pace.  Really good run!  I was a little worried about my shins but I got through the whole run problem free.  Saturday: 6.2 miles on treadmill @ 10:34 pace.  This was Casey’s “virtual 10k” which was perfect because I had a six mile run planned anyway.  I planned to run it outside but had already packed all my outside gear (RoadID, bottles, fanny pack…etc) so on the treadmill it was.  I won’t lie, the run was tough- hard to focus the first two miles or so…too much on my mind with everything I knew I had to get done.  But in the end, I ran the miles and felt great for doing so!

Biking- I got nothing.

Strength training- 30 minutes of at home pilates and uh…does moving count?

Abs challenge- 200 for the week. FAIL!

Cross training- 15 minutes on Elliptical, Wednesday morning.  Still boring…still trying.

Weekly High: I ran 6.2 miles on a treadmill.  Up to that point, I had never run more than 5 miles on the treadmill.  I knew it would be boring and tough to get through, but I did it and I was really proud of myself.

Weekly Low: I just couldn’t manage my time this week.  I spent so much time packing and moving that there simply wasn’t enough time to get in more gym time.  I hate using time as an excuse but I really have no other reason.  I hate having so little to show for the week.


  • I am writing this from my parents house.  I am home again.
  • I have a feeling, that while I am transitioning, my work-outs will suffer. I feel that as long as I get my runs in and some form of cross-training every week, I will bounce back just fine when I am settled.

Life: Last night I went out for my best friends birthday celebration.  I had originally had other plans and was going to miss out, but those plans changed so I was able to make it.  I was bummed about my original plans but really happy I could make it out for Jessica’s birthday.  We have known each other since we were little girls and get closer with every year. She is a friend, that I know will be a friend for life.  Here is a photo from the night:

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Help. I received so much help this week from family and friends and I appreciated it more than I could ever put into words.  Moving is exhausting and definitely not something that can be done alone.  I am so thankful for all the help I had with this transition.
  2. My Parents.  This is not the ideal situation for me but I am fully aware that it is not the ideal situation for them either.  I feel incredibly lucky that they are so supportive of me.
  3. My Tuesday night class.  It is everything I had hoped and more.  I love it and cannot wait for every Tuesday of the next 15 weeks! 

Quote of the week:If babies held the same tendency toward self-criticism as adults, they might never learn to walk or talk. Can you imagine infants stomping, ‘Aarggh! Screwed up again!’ Fortunately, babies are free of self-criticism. They just keep practicing.”

6 thoughts on “Week In Review- 1/18-1/24

  1. Love that quote.. Lets not even talk about packing and moving.. We are putting our house on the market this week. Which means I get to pack and move myself, hubby, two kids and 6 years of accumulated STUFF..I get anxiety just thinking about it.

  2. Even though you couldn’t do al the workouts you’ve planned I still think it has been a good week. You did what you could with your limited time.

    Great job!

    I don’t know if you have an ipod touch or iphone? I saw you could buy an apps for elleptical training. No idea if it is something since I don’t have either of them. But maybe that’s something to look into to spice up your elleptical workouts?

  3. So happy you got to go to your friend’s party! Seeing friends almost always cheers me up!

    I love that your parents are so supportive. That is the kind of relationship have with mine, but many people do not 😦

    So what helped you get through the 6.2? Yay!

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