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Blogger/Blogspot Comment Issues

Onelittletrigirl is frustrated!!!!

Is anyone else having problems with comments.  For the last 24 hours or so, every time I comment a Blogger/Blogspot blog, it says my domain name is wrong.  In addition, if I attempt it more than once, a gadrillion screens start popping up and I have to re-start my entire computer.  WTF!!!!  I know lately a few people have been having issues with Blogger/Blogspot so I was just wondering if this is among them. 

For the record, I am still reading, but for now it seems I won’t be able to comment any Blogger blogs. 😦

13 thoughts on “Blogger/Blogspot Comment Issues

  1. I haven’t had any RECENT trouble, but overall I hate commenting on Blogger blogs. They throw errors, their CAPTCHA codes are overly restrictive at times, they just don’t work at times… it’s frustrating. There have been times I’ve tried commenting on Blogger blogs and had to give up after a few attempts just because of the finicky way it was acting. And that always makes me feel bad because I want the person to get their comments!

  2. Those little windows popping up, a ga-gillion? Yep, that’s happened to me. I thought I had a virus, but it seems it’s just a blogger error because the computer at work did the same thing.
    It’s ok if you don’t comment on my blog, I know you’re still there, haha!

  3. No problems at this moment but have had the same in the past. When I started my blog I had to choose between blogspot and WordPress and chose the last one since I found it easier to work with. I don’t have my own domain on WordPress, that’s something I’m going to look into in the future because than I have more possibilities to do on my blog. But it looks a bit complicated 🙂

  4. oh, blogger stopped sending me email notifications for like half my comments a while ago!!! So frustrating! Oh well… I don’t know how to fix it – all the settings are correct.

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