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A Moment Of Pride & Three Things Tuesday

Before I get to my Three Things Tuesday, I have to give myself a pat on the back…

…I have been completely smoke-free for one year–> not one cigarette!!!! 

I began smoking very young (I had a super cool boyfriend who smoked so I jumped on the stupidity bandwagon) and even though I had tried to quit many times in the past, it was always for someone else.  In late 2007, I couldn’t take it anymore and made the decision to quit.  This was right around the time I started to get healthy, and running while smoking just wasn’t working (duh, right?!?).  But making the decision and the actual act of quitting are two different things.  I took very small steps…slowly reducing the amount I was smoking until I felt ready.  In March of 2008 I “quit”.  I put that in quotes becuase, while I did okay, I still smoked if I went out with my friends who also smoked.  It wasn’t often, but the point was to stop completely and I hadn’t.  I knew I could not continue in the sports of running and triathlon unless I quit for good.  And I knew I was a phony if I was promoting healthy living while secretly smoking.  So in January 2009, I quit 100% and for good.  And it was the best decision I ever made.  Obviously, my health and my work-outs improved greatly but my whole life has changed too.  I know “never to say never” but honestly, I never see myself smoking ever again!!!!

(I thought long and hard before writing this, because honestly, the fact that I was a smoker is not something I am proud of.  In fact, because I hid it from most people in my life, I really can’t celebrate it with the excitement I feel at this huge accomplishment.  Thank you for letting me share it with all of you!)

Honestly, after writing that, I am not feeling very wordy and/or creative.  Therefore, instead of trying to come up with something witty and genius and failing, I am just going to point you in the direction of some great websites.   

Cake Wrecks- Sometimes, these cakes are so ridiculous, I find myself cracking up at my desk.  And I mean the kind of loud-cant-stop-belly laughing.  Seriously…do not look at this website at work if you aren’t allowed to be on other sites.  You will laugh out loud.

Wise Bread- This site is awesome, especially for those looking to save money.  And who isn’t looking to save money, right?  It is full of advice on how to save, including tips on the best days/times to shop at specific stores.  And they also have a page totally dedicated to deals and coupons! 

Post Secret- This site has gotten pretty popular in the last year or so but I still love it.  It started as one guy collecting postcards from people with their secrets on them.  Now he travels doing speaking events and he has published a few books.  I have been tyring to see one of his events for over two years but he sells out quick.

25 thoughts on “A Moment Of Pride & Three Things Tuesday

  1. I’m sending this post to my daughter. I’ve been trying to get her to quit smoking for some time now. She’s almost 24. I don’t smoke, but everyone in my family does, even if they have to go outside in sub-zero weather to do it. I don’t let them smoke in the house.
    Maybe your story will inspire her!!! I know she wants to quit. I’m sending it to my son and husband too!
    And good for you! Smoke-free for a year! I know you will make it a lifetime!

  2. YAY! I am so proud of you! Way to be smoke free! Seriously, like I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am you are smoke free!!!

    Thanks for sharing more mindless websites for me to waste time on… geez… I mean I probably should at least attempt to work sometimes!!! 🙂

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS! That’s an awesome accomplishment, and I’m so glad you are smoke free for a year. And I’m so glad it’s because of triathlons, because you did it for yourself. Awesome.

  4. WOW! Congrats!!!!!!!! i know it is hard, not b/c i’ve done it, but b/c one of elliot’s close friends has tried and failed MANY MANY times. he still smokes. it is so expensive and so terrible, and he really wants to quit, and his GF wants him to,… but he just hasn’t succeeded (does NOT help that his roommate smokes).

    LOVE the three things today!!!!!!!! thanks for some good sites.

    GOT THE GU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg, i will never have to buy gels again,…hehehehe.!!!! love them!!!! and! can’t wait to try the chomps!

  5. Congrats on being smoke free. Any addiction is tough to break, and smoking ranks up there as one of the toughest. You have already demonstrated your mental toughness by taking that step!

  6. Congratulations on quitting! I hate that you feel the way you do about sharing. Smoking isn’t great, but I think it’s even worse when people are so judgmental and can’t appreciate the struggle that quitters go through. Just be proud of yourself! You deserve it!

  7. You are not a bad person for smoking! Many people do it! It is just as addictive as overeating, or drinking. With all that being said, I am happy you haven’t smoked for a year! Congrats!

    I need to check out Wise Bread! Haven’t heard of it. I have stopped reading post secret because it made me feel too depressed. I wonder if anyone else feels like that. I did see the author and had him sign a book when he came to my university.

  8. From one ex-smoker to another…awesome job girly. I don’t think I have ever had such an awful time in my life until I decided to quit. It is a huge accomplishment, be proud!
    Glad I found your blog…we “ex’s” need to stick together 🙂 especially out on the road!

  9. Way to be awesome! Quitting smoking and staying smoke free for a year! Totally cool. As an Ex smoker you are probably a better role model than a non smoker in some respects because of the effort it took you to stop! Who knows! You may inspire some people to quit! 😀

  10. haha i love cake wrecks. except for that some days it makes me really not want to eat cake! lol.

    congrats on the smoke-free milestone!! that is awesome. i agree, smoking is gross, but you shouldn’t be embarrassed by it. way to many people do it but you were strong, smart and brave enough to step up to the challenge! awesome job 🙂

  11. I just saw this on my google reader (I’m late commenting, I know). You’re brave to admit to smoking now that you’re a serious athlete. And yet, it’s part of the road you traveled. You smoked, you quit, and you’re moving forward. It’s all good. Don’t take that good-part away from yourself. 🙂

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