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Random Stuff and My Perfect Day

I only have time for a quick post today-

-First things first…welcome to my new readers!  I noticed my traffic increasing and I have had a few new commentors ♥.   I will be around to your blogs to say hello and look forward to following your journeys.  Thanks for stopping by to follow mine!

-My 200th Post and One-Year Blogversary are both fast approaching!  I had no idea when I started this blog that I would “meet” so many wonderful people.  Blogging is an amazing support system and also a huge part of my life as writer. 

-In other good news, it seems Blogger/Blogspot has stopped acting up, although I am not convinced it won’t happen again.  For now though, I am back to commenting!  I know, you missed me!  

-Yesterday, Lacey posted about her perfect day and asked readers to write about theirs!  Personally I love this and I invite you all to do the same as well 🙂

Here’s my perfect weekday:

8am- Wake up

8am-9am- Putz around the house (make coffee, hop online, listen the news….etc) and have breakfast.

9am-10:30am- Morning workout.  I prefer to work-out in the mornings so this would be the most perfect part of my perfect day!

10:30am-11am- Shower and get ready for the day.

11am-12pm- Lunch. Preferably with a friend somewhere like Panera or outside cafe.

12pm-3:30pm- Working…but at the perfect job (to go along with my perfect day) which would be  working for an organization I truly believe in, such as Back On My Feet, St. Judes or Doorways For Women

3:30pm-4:15pm- Catch a quick nap.  I love naps!!!

4:15pm-7pm- Dinner with family or friends and/or some type of activity.  In the perfect day I would have time for extra activities like seeing my cousins sports games or visiting with friends who live a distance from me. 

7pm-8pm- Errands and such other things that need to get done.

8pm-11pm- Relax, have a glass of wine, read, go online, watch TV and get my stuff ready for the next day.

11pm- Bedtime.

So what is your perfect day like?

17 thoughts on “Random Stuff and My Perfect Day

  1. I wouldn’t run errands on my perfect day! 😉

    I would probably have to dictate temperature on my perfect day… it should start around 6:00 AM with a run in about 60 degrees… and it needs to be about 80 by mid-afternoon so I can spend an hour sitting on a chaise in my yard reading a book!

  2. That does sound like a perfect day! 🙂

    I can’t wait to incorporate some of this when you come in 21 days! YAY!!!!!!! Did someone say Target? 🙂

    My 200th & year anniversary are fast approaching too… weird. 😉

  3. morning – wake up at the beach, have a cup of fabulous coffee.

    all day – go to the beach

    evening – go out to dinner at a wonderful restaurant then sit out on the balcony overlooking the ocean.

    night – go to bed so I can do the same thing the next day.

  4. Hello! I followed you over here from JillWillRun. Great blog! I think your perfect day sounds wonderful! I’m a morning exerciser too, but not too early! And a 3.5 hour work day is just about right!

  5. yay!!!!!! what a great day 🙂 i love the nap– ahhhh that would be awesome.

    blogversary coming up! how exciting!! it’s crazy what can happen in a year. i absolutely love having the blog to look back on… what i was thinking/writing about on any given day 🙂


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