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Week In Review; 1/25-1/31

Week In Review; 1/25-1/31


  • Running–  12.8 miles for the week.  Wednesday–   3.2 miles @ 10:30 pace.  Treadmill. Just a nice easy jog/run.  The run itself was great but I had to go to the LA Fitness by my parents house and I hate it there!  Friday– 2 miles @ 10:28 pace. Treadmill.  Same story as Wednesday.  Sunday– 7.6 miles @  11:07 pace.  Outside!!!  First outside run in what feels like forever.  It was cold (18degrees with wind chill of 6degrees kind of cold) but I didn’t even care, it was wonderful!  Cold…but wonderful!
  • Biking- 30 minutes on the stationary bike Saturday.  I kind of half-assed this; I read my USAT magazine and just pedaled along @ about a 13.5 avg/mile.  Lame. 
  • Strength training– Lifted 15 minutes Wednesday and 25 minutes Saturday.  Focused on lower back and shoulders.
  • Cross training– Elliptical- 15 minutes on Wednesday and 20 minutes on Saturday.
  • Abs challenge– 450 for the week.  Not perfect, but a vast improvement from last week.

Weekly High: Running outside this morning.  I almost ran inside but one of my goals for the year was to take on the cold and this was a good opportunity.  It was such a challenge between the cold, snow and slush and I am so proud of myself for getting it done! Sometime this week, there will be a full post with photos about today’s run!

Weekly Low:  Still struggling to get into a schedule now that I am back home.  No spin class again, I missed pilates and I am not cross training as much as I had hoped. 


  • I am toying with the idea of driving to my old gym that I was in love with just because I know I will be happier there.  It is a 25 minute drive from my parents but it might be worth it considering how much I hate the one by their house.  I mean, I will deal with it when I am rushed for time or if I just want to swim some laps, but for hard-core indoor workouts I might begin traveling a bit. 
  • Can you believe January is over already- holy cow time flies!!  I am so excited for my trip to Florida in 3 weeks and for my first half-marathon of 2010!!


  • My Tri team had its annual expo today and it was a HUGE success!!!  So many people came out and we had a lot of great vendors there as well.  I feel so lucky to be part of something so positive in the triathlon world!  And being there talking with all my teammates makes me even more excited for my season to begin!
  • I am officially out of the old apartment (and now I have BNL playing in my head) after doing the final cleaning this weekend.  It is an adjustment for sure, but things are going well. 

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Ice Packs at work- pretty convenient that I work in a school where the nurse can supply me with ice packs for my legs when I come to work right from a run!  Pretty much I just sit at my desk with ice packs tied around my legs.  I should take a photo sometime because this is something I know all your runners can appreciate.
  2. Full nights sleep- I am getting full nights sleep again since I don’t have a crazy lady awake all night living above me!!  I get to bed at a decent time, sleep through the night and I feel less-stressed and much more energized! 
  3. Warmth- With the sub-freezing temps I am once again reminded how lucky I am for the small things, like a heated home.  There are many people without places to live and/or without heat.  I know shelters/churches/hospitals etc do what they can to ensure saftey for those in the elements but it saddens me that anyone has to live such a way.  I am so very grateful that I am afforded a warm home with a warm bed.

Quote of the week:  “Running: No half times, no time outs, no substitutions. It must be the only true sport.”

15 thoughts on “Week In Review; 1/25-1/31

  1. Under training should be on my feet standing for 4 hours at my teams expo….don’t know about you but I’m beat with a capital “B”!

  2. what a great post!! i love what you are grateful for (i have ice packs at work, too! tho haven’t used any since marathon training and it’s too darn cold, lol)– full night’s sleep- A-MENNN, and warmth heck yeah 🙂

    also love the quote.

    you had a good week!!!! i am getting into this weekly recap thing now, i didn’t realize it but i’m such a numbers person. it’s also really helpful to see on paper that i really only weightlifted 1x so… goals going into the next week.

    can’t believe january is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mmmm there is nothing better than a full night’s sleep. I hated living in the dorms in college because people were always so loud and the walls were so thin!

  4. I dig this format! You had me cracking up with the ice packs, I either have them or recovery socks on under my desk at all times. 🙂

    Good job this week girl!

    3 more weeks! 3 more weeks!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!!

    Loved that quote! So true!

  5. hmmm never thought of asking our school nurse for icepacks. However, she did bite my head off last year when I asked for neosporen when when of my toenails fell off. Maybe she’s not as understanding as your school nurse!

  6. Your training is going fine…thanks for the comment on my blog!

    What is your goal for the 1/2? I mean, with perfect weather, no wind, what time are you hoping to post? Just curious…

  7. I love running outside, did yesterday a short run. Weather was perfect but legs were not good. I do however use the treadmill now too because sometimes I can’t run outside because of snow and the roads that are slippery but I prefer outside.

    I left my old gym because of the driving over there, it took me 20 minutes. In the long term it bothered me too much and I noticed I started skipping workouts because I didn’t want to drive there. Now I can walk it in 5 minutes or use my bike and be there sooner.

    Seems to me you’ve had a great week. Make this week just as good or even better.

  8. Hi Jill!

    Thanks for your comment and encouragement on my blog!

    You wrote “I watched some crazies walk out of that once and I wanted to die!” Did you meet some people who became crazy b/c of Bikram yoga? I wanna know! Just to be on a safe side, haha.

  9. Hahaha- I forgot a few words Ulyana. I meant to add at the end, “wanted to die just watching them!” That stuff is hardcore!

  10. Oh, I get it!

    I don’t even know why my mind went there. I think because recently I read a research paper about how people with a history of mental illnesses would go literally beserk from doing extreme types of yoga.

  11. You still had a great week of training!

    I think running in the cold is so refreshing! But you have to hurry up and take a warm shower when you get home 🙂

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