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Rewind: Sunday’s Kick A$$ Run!

Today is one of those “eat an entire of sleeve of peanut butter sandwhich girl scout cookies” kind of day.  That wouldn’t be so bad, except that I had the same kind of day yesterday.  So yeah, I ate an entire box of cookies in two days.  Niiiiice.  

Enough about crappy days…let’s talk about an awesome day…

Last Sunday I had 7.5 miles on deck and my plan was to do two 3.8mile loops at the local river/park for an even 7.6 miles.

Then it snowed and I was like “no friggen way am I running in that crap” but then I remembered how much I hated the treadmill and I was like “ugh I hate the treadmill and really don’t want to be on one for 7.5 miles” and I proceeded to go back and forth like that about what I was going to do Sunday.  Not running, was not an option. Come hell or high water (or in my case a snow storm), I was going to run!

So I hemmed and hawed and mulled it all over obsessively because I am Type A and that is what Type A’s do.  Then I started thinking about all the entries I had read from fellow bloggers who were sucking it up and running in the cold.  So I gathered all my winter running clothes and began mentally preparing myself for what would be my most challenging run to date.

And was it ever challenging!  It was 18 degrees at the start with a wind chill that made it feel like 6 degrees.  And there was snow and slush pretty much everywhere!  Have I mentioned how much I hate the snow?  Seriously, when I finished that run, I felt like a hardcore running superstar!

This is what it looked like when I arrived:

It started off a little rough; my body had to adapt to the cold while I warmed up.  After a little warm up, I was off.

Before I started:

The first part of the loop was pretty easy; I could run in the shoulder of the road which was clear of snow and the sun was hitting me so I was getting some warmth.  Then I turned the first bend and the wind hit me hard.  Thank god for my Bondi Band idea (see ninja photo below)!  That swift idea saved me and my run because without it, I think I would have just walked back to my car and driven home.

When you run in this kind of weather you need to dress like a ninja!:

After about the first 2 miles I began to warm up a little and get into a groove, although I was definitely still struggling as this part of the run is shaded and I was missing that little bit of sun I had before.  Plus, the shoulder was gone at this point and I was running on pure snow.  This was tougher than I imagined so when I rounded the next corner, I was thrilled to see the shoulder again!

And then the first loop was done.

I won’t lie, I toyed with the idea of getting in my car and going home but the fighter within me would not allow it.  Even if no one else knew I gave up, I would always know and that is not okay with me.  So I stopped at the car for a few minutes to drink and take a GU and then I was back out for loop two!

The footprints of runners braving the cold; I am proud to say some of those are mine:

To my surprise, the second time around was much easier.  Still cold and still snowy but for whatever reason I just felt better on the second loop.   And after 1:24:33 seconds I was all done!  7.6 in the bank!

I gave that run 120% and I actually paced better than I thought I would- after it was over I felt amazing.  It was my longest run since November and my first run in snow.  But I felt amazing!  Cold, tired and amazing!


What has been your biggest challenge with weather?  Do you live where it is hot, cold, rainy…etc??  Do you deal with the elements or do you prefer the treadmill?


17 thoughts on “Rewind: Sunday’s Kick A$$ Run!

  1. nice shades and great pictures! the sun makes it sooo beautiful. when it’s cloudy it can just get depressing 🙂

    way to get out there– i totally hear you on the hemming and hawwing. that was me allll weekend. i love how we bloggies feed off each other it’s a positive cycle.

    woo woo! for a great day!

    (and hey at least you are supporting the girl scouts, lol). it happens.

  2. I hate the effing treadmill. I run on it weekday mornings as it is unsafe to run outside at 5AM!

    I live in Utah, where it is cold and snowy in the winter. I have gotten lucky, the weather was nice on all of my long runs*knocks on wood*! Hopefully it stays that way, I hate being cold, but once I warm up, I am taking layers off, so I just freeze the first couple miles 🙂 Summer is coming quick and I am excited!

  3. Oh man, I would take the dreadmill ANY day over the snow and cold! 18 effing degrees? That is just crazy! But you are one hardcore chica! Great job on getting out there!!!

  4. My biggest challenge right now is the ice…I’m so scared of slipping and breaking something or something stupid like that. Normally I’m fine with the cold or snow, but today I went for the treadmill instead. Great job on powering on through the cold!!

  5. I’m not a runner (yet!), but I do walk a lot. When it’s cold/rainy I pretty much refuse to go out. That’s when my workouts are all in the gym and I drive everywhere.

  6. Kick @ss indeed! Way to rock it out and brave the cold! I love that last pic, way to leave your bad@ssness out there for all to see!

    Next time you’re having an “eat a whole sleeve of gs cookies” kind of day try to remember how awesome you were on Sunday and step away from the cookies!!! 🙂 LOL!

  7. i hate the cold and live in nj so i am stuck with it. i do the treadmill b/c i have kids and need to take them to the sitting room BUT i have started meeting some hardcore runners and they keep inviting me to run outside with them. i went one AM and it was mother effing cold. BUT it went by so fast b/c of the company and the trails they showed me. i went the other day b/c i was sans kids and it did feel great. my nose runs bad – so i hate that…i want to invent the snot rag that you can wear on your arm while running. and now i want a box of tagalongs….

  8. i am just doing the sprint race, but i think Chrissie gives out the medals there too. i am not sure 70.3 will ever be in my sights, i am just learning to swim and i am off to my 3rd swim lesson right now!

  9. What a great run! And beautiful area too.

    I don’t let weather determine wheather I run or not. I don’t run in heavy snow and only because I’m afraid I slip and fall and get an injury. But besides that I always run.

    My biggest challenge was in a rainstorm which started halfway my run. I could have gone home then at halfway (I was close to home) but I decided I wanted to finish my run and I did. I was soaking wet when I got home and the wind was extreme but I have never been more proud than when I finished that run.

  10. I’m really looking forward to summer, it’s been cold, and sometimes snowy and icy where I am lately. I’m hating running in the cold but I can’t run on a treadmill, it just feels really unnatural so the elements it is! Well done for getting out in the cold!

  11. Awesome run! Good for you for getting out in the cold, ninja girl!

    I hate the back and forth outside vs. treadmill debate. I always want to go outside, but sometimes I shouldn’t – that has been my obstacle – the ice. I have already fell twice.

  12. Thanks for letting me know about your half! I added you to my calendar.

    I can’t run with something over my face so I have to stay in when it gets cooler. I can handle down to ~20 if it is sunny; any colder and my nose freezes.

  13. it is tough to run in the winter… i have just been sucking it up in these teen-temps, cold winds, and snow. i wear every piece of clothing i own and waddle along 🙂 nice job getting out there! much more rewarding than the treadmill.

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