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Whoa- 22 Inches!

(That’s what she said!)

Anyway…yeah, so here in South Jersey we were blasted with 22 inches of snow Saturday.  It started late Friday night and went into Saturday afternoon. 

Here are some photos of the blizzard of 2010:

 About 11am…and it contiuned to snow for about 3 more hours!


As much as I hate it, I will admit…it looks pretty on the trees.

I really did try to figure out a way to run outside but no matter how I try to slice and dice the situation…there will be no outside run today!  Treadmill it is, whether I like it or not.

Oh, Spring…please come soon!



11 thoughts on “Whoa- 22 Inches!

  1. Wimp! Can’t you run wearing snowshoes?! I’m so glad that The Garden State took the brunt of the storm and therefore it missed Connecticut! I agree…spring needs to arrive asap.

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