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Snowpocalypse 2010- The Aftermath

The snow has officially stopped- approximately 17 inches later.  That totals 39.5 inches between this storm and last Saturday.  And get this…we are expecting another snow fall on Monday; so far they are calling it a shower, but given what I have witnessed this winter, I don’t believe anything until I see it. 

Even though the snow is over, the damage is done.  In many towns across south Jersey, people lost power and the further south in NJ, the worse it was…Cape May County (shore towns) was out of power for two days and some still don’t have it back.  Not only do these towns not have a place for the snow, but now they have to deal with flooding as well.  And it was even worse in Philadelphia…they had numerous roof collapses, many streets are not plowed at all yet and until this morning all major roads were still closed leaving people unable to travel to work.  And sadly, in the town next to me a roof collapsed and a man died.  That is how intense things got. 

Sure, the snow is beautiful, but as with many things nature the beauty came at a price for many people.  When I think about how bad it got for some people, and how difficult it still is, I remember how lucky I am.


I didn’t intend to start my post out that way, it just took that direction as I thought about the last few days.  Not getting to the gym seems like the smallest problem ever in comparison to what many are going through right now.

I am hoping to get out of the house today, even if it just to take a ride to WaWa for coffee.  I need new scenery as I am starting to get a little stir-crazy!

As for my work-outs, as much as I would like to sit and re-work my schedule, I am just going to let it go and pick back up when I can get to the gym.  I am guessing my work will be closed again tomorrow and I will have a chance to get a work-out in.  My upper-thigh/groin area is still tender so I am going with the plan of cycling and then seeing how I feel Sunday in terms of running.  I am not going to try and “make-up” the miles.  And trust me, letting it go and not trying to make-up for the loss is a tough thing for me.  But, I also know it is for the best.

And for some good news…

In one week from today I will be heading to Florida!!!!!!!

And some better news…

Morgan told me today that the weather is forecasted to be 65+ the whole trip!!!!!!!

As I am sure you can tell from this post and the previous 879 times I have mentioned Florida, that I am very excited.  Other than trips down the shore, the last vacation I went on was in May 2007.   And not only am I getting away, but I am running my first race of the season too! 

Oh, and good news for you too bloggies…as part of my blogversary tomorrow, I will be posting two (super-easy to enter and win) give-a-ways!  Consider this advance notice (or bribery to get you to read my blog tomorrow 🙂 )

16 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse 2010- The Aftermath

  1. Wow, 39 inches in one week!! It is a good thing that you are going to Florida:) Sounds like fun…take lots of pictures to post in your blog…it would make me feel a little better considering I will not be going on a vacation for some time!! Oh, and you don’t need to host a give away to get me to read your blog:) I will read regardless!! Have a great day!!

  2. I think I may be getting nearly as excited about your Florida race as you are! Someday I will get to do the Donna race, but for now I’ll live vicariously through you!

    Glad you came through the snow storms alright, those really were fierce. I’m glad you’re not trying to make-up the miles… that could lead you to being overly-tired heading into your trip!

  3. Boy you really got a lot of snow, I’ve heard about that on the news here in Holland.

    We have had snow yesterday again but not that much. My hub has been in an accident yesterday at night when he went home after trying to get home for 6 hours. Luckily he’s fine and only his car has damage but for me it definite: I hate snow!

    Hope you can get back to your normal life soon.

  4. Wow, I can’t even imagine that kind of snowfall. I’ve never lived anywhere that was cold enough for snow. At least here when its too hot, I don’t have any problem getting to the gym to run on the TM. Good idea about not forcing yourself to “make up” the miles. I struggle with that too. I’m recovering from a cold, so I’m trying not to let my mind go there either. Have a blast in Florida! If that doesn’t work out, you can head to AZ. Its supposed to be around 75 degrees this weekend!

  5. Wow… beautiful picture. Not so beautiful downtime. Bummer. So excited to meet you and do lunch next week! Yay! And yes, while chilly, the weather here is awesome… mid 50s today and 37 this morning. NO SNOW (though saying light snowflakes for JAX area Fri night.)


  6. make sure you do some fist-pumping at the wawa and/or down in florida 🙂

    …yeah we didn’t get dumped on that bad here in kentucky (~5-6 inches over 2 days) but i did hear that we are supposed to get another wave of it sat/sun. ugggggh.

  7. oh, florida sounds so nice right about now!!!

    as for the yak trax, i called all over the place. the only place that had them was sports authority. amazon also carries them, almost ordered them from there.

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