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Week In Review; 2/8-2/14

Week In Review; 2/8-2/14


*Note: Earlier this week I thought I had done something to my groin, but as it turns out, it is my hip flexor.  Bummer news, but it could be a lot worse!  Luckily, it is only a very slight strain and my doctor thinks I will be fine to run Sunday.  He suggested some days off (I didn’t run Tues-Sat) and stretching and icing.  I ran jogged slowly today and felt good so I am hopeful that I will be okay for next weekend.  And if I am feeling iffy about it, then it has already been decided we are just going to walk/jog the entire 13.1 and have a blast anyway!!!

Running-  5.2 miles total for the week.  2.2 miles @ 10:50 pace on Monday.  3 miles @ 11:33 pace on Sunday.

Biking-  45 minutes (9.2 miles) on Friday and 20 minutes (4.2 miles) on Sunday.

Strength training- I shoveled snow three times on Wednesday and two times on Thursday.  Trust me, that was a killer work-out!  In addition, I lifted for 30 mins total- biceps and chest.

Cross Training- Elliptical-15 minutes Monday.

Abs Challenge- 400. 

Weekly High: Still going to the gym even though I couldn’t run.  It was tough but I don’t want to lose my fitness, so I did it.

Weekly Low: This was a low week in general 😦


  • There will be no Week In Review next week- instead you have a three-part series to look forward to about my trip 🙂 
  • Reminder: my giveaway ends this Wednesday 2/17.

Life: I mentioned a few times over the last year that my Pop-Pop is sick, and he isn’t doing well.  If you have any thoughts/prayers etc, that you can send to my family, please do. 

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Thursday’s weather report- Sunny, sunny, sunny!!!!!!!  No chance of snow and no chance of a flight delay!
  2. Sun- Speaking of the sun…it actually made a small appearance today!  Oh, how I have missed it!
  3. Extra change- I always throw my change into a jar (except for my miles- that goes in my special container for PiF 500+ Back on my Feet) and I saved enough since fall that it covered my flight to Florida and some spending money!  Proof that small change really adds up!

Quote of the week: “You must listen to your body. Run through annoyance but not through pain.” – George Sheehan


10 thoughts on “Week In Review; 2/8-2/14

  1. Can NOT WAIT for Thursday! We are going to have an O.C.D. blast of a weekend! 🙂 LOL!

    Take it easy on that leg and you know that my prayers are with you.


  2. I am sorry to hear about your hip! My husband has hurt his a few times, and it so hard to stretch it. You just have to rest.

    I will keep your pop-pop in my thoughts. I am sending you big hugs 🙂

  3. I am sorry to hear about your hip issues. I personally know how that sucks:) I can’t wait to start seeing more of our friend Mr. Sun too:) Way to save up the change for something like a flight to Florida!! That is very cool! I hope that you had a great weekend:)

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