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Taking It Easy Is Not Easy!

The post=appointment conversation between my dr. and I went a little something like this:

ME:  So can I run Sunday (said in hopeful high-pitch question voice)?

DR:  I don’t want to say you can’t run Sunday, because I think if you rest/ice/stretch like I tell you to, then you will be fine.  But I would take it easy, stay off it for a few days and see how you feel.

ME:  So…I can run…(insert puppy dog eyes)?

DR:  I am advising you to listen to you body.  Take it easy for the next week and half, see how you feel race day, and make a decision then.  Just be smart about it and listen to your body.

ME:  Okay, good.  So I can run. (Smile!)

Here’s the thing…I do not do well with taking it easy. 

Take for example:

  • When I get sick, I hate having to stay in bed after about a day…
  • When I am snowed in, I start going crazy after about a day…
  • When I was on crutches in 2000 following a car accident, I was over it within a week…
  • And when I hurt my knee in November 2008, and couldn’t run for three months, I just about lost my mind…

Today I went to the gym for another super easy walk/run on the treadmill.  It was everything in me not to rev that machine up and run.  But when I was injured in 2008, I went against doctors advice, didn’t listen to my body and ran when I shouldn’t.  I pushed my limits and it kept me from running for another three months.  Not worth it.  Lesson learned.  So even if inside I was bursting at the seams to move my legs faster, I kept it slow and easy for my hips sake.  Cause I would really like for my flexor and I to be friends again soon.  As in by this weekend.

And now I am going to be ridiculous.  This is the part where you comment me to tell me just how ridiculous my statement is, but at the same time try to make me feel better about being so ridiculous in the first place…

I hate going slow because I know I am capable of more and I feel like people are watching, and they don’t know I am injured.  I would like to wear a sign that says “I don’t actually suck this much, I just have a bum hip flexor” or “Caution:  Running super slow due to unhappy hip flexor” just so people know the real reason why I am that girl…you know, the one on the treadmill reading a magazine (GAAASP!!!!).

Told you, ridiculous.  But in seriousness, it is hard not to feel that way 😦

How do you deal with taking it slow?   What are some tricks you use that force you to slow down?  Do you ever have ridiculous thoughts like mine above when dealing with injury?

I am super glad that this girl will be with me at the race on Sunday so that if I get the urge to push to hard she can be like “Whoa sista” and hold me back, but that if I feel good enough to push she will be like “Hell yea!”  Either way, I am just excited to have someone to hang out with throughout the race.  We have a few surprises up our sleeve but you’ll have to wait for the reports/photos 🙂

20 thoughts on “Taking It Easy Is Not Easy!

  1. Not ridiculous at all, well at least not to me! I felt like that when I first started training for the ultra and I ran some runs with the walk breaks. I didn’t want anyone thinking I needed the walk break but that I was taking it because that’s how you train.


  2. I have just learned to deal with it. I thank my lucky stars for every run that I am able to do … since dealing with on and off knee issues for the past year. If I can run 3 miles, all is good with me.

  3. You should make one of those shirts….and make me one too! Although I officially go to the doctor tomorrow morning so I guess I’ll know then. Take it easy and you’ll at least be able to run this weekend 🙂

  4. I know it sucks when you can’t be active the way you want to. You just have to tough it out and do as your advised so that you can workout like a crazy woman when you are totally healed:) Hang in there….I would be the same way:) I just read Jamoosh’s comment…ha ha, chocolate and peanut butter is a cure all:) Cheer up and smile!! I can’t wait for the race report and pictures!

  5. I’ve dealt with so many problems when it comes to running that doing the walk/run is part of my routine for most runs, especially long ones. Not like I’m that fast in any case:) The slow down in the short term will help to let yourself heal and you will rock it all once you are 100%!!

  6. You could make a t-shirt saying “Caution: Running super slow due to unhappy hip flexor”. LOL I hope things go well for ya and things are great for your race!

  7. WOW we have a lot in common— you need to tell me more about your car accident and your knee injury!!!!!!!!!! those are two things i had as well.

    YOGA– that is how i deal with down time. when i was really sick i would just do a few sun salutations and it made such a big difference just getting me to slow down and breathe and it made my days more about slow-enjoy rather than fast+furious. sometimes you need fast+furious for running training, but look at the silver lining of injury or sickness as a chance to try the slow-enjoy 🙂

  8. You’re not ridiculous! I feel the same way. If I’m injured or having an off-day (or even when I’m supposed to do an EASY day) I feel like other people are watching and/or judging. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m running for ME and doing what works for ME… but that’s hard sometimes.

    Keep resting so you can enjoy the race, regardless of how fast you can go! You still want to be able to have fun!

  9. I had to laugh cuz I’m the same way. One of my running friend’s pet peeves is the statement, “listen to your body” cuz really, we listen to our minds telling us to run. haha. I hope you get to run :).

  10. Dealing with it right now in yoga. I hurt my clavicle heck knows how long ago, and I still need to take it easy (it’s gotten better, but I’m not 100% back). So, in class, I skip some postures, or don’t push myself all the way in others… and the little voice in my head goes “i’m really not a slacker…. when I’m healed, i’m going to do it perfectly… i should tell everyone i’m injured so they don’t think i don’t know what i’m doing or that i’m being lazy” lol

    Anyway, I don’t know how to deal with that. The only thing that helps me is when day after day I see a little bit of improvement – it gives me hope I’m on track to being 100% healed and healthy, so I relax a bit and don’t care what anyone thinks. So, I guess my advice is to pay attention to those little improvements -a bit more healing today than yesterday, a bit more relaxed today thatyesterday, trained a bit smarter today, etc, etc, etc 🙂 you know?

  11. You make me laugh. Take it slow! I doubt people think that others are going slow – besides, you can never tell how fast someone is going by looking at them! I always tell myself, some exercise is better than none! I would focus on being excited I could move at all 🙂

  12. Glad you are trying to listen to the doctor.

    You are not alone in thinking crazy (totally normal to runners) thoughts. When I am running and anyone who knows me and my abilities or past performances is involved I always feel like I have to race pace it or they just won’t understand that I ….just did a marathon, hurt my foot, using the race as a training run…whatever, they will think I am just not capable of a better run. Ugh! And I bet in reality THEY are not even thinking about me at all.

  13. Hahaha, that conversation between you and your doctor seems SO FAMILIAR!!! 😉 I also had those same thought while doing the heart rate training… ugh, so slow. Of course I can run faster!

  14. I had a hip flexor injury once and I ran a 15K race through it. I hurt my hip 2 days before the race so I didn’t even think to not run. I had to take a month off afterwards though. I stuck to the eliptical machine because it didn’t put as much stress on my hip as running did. I hate running slow/walking on the treadmill too for those same reasons you stated.

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