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Being Random & Give-A-Way Winners

All about the list-format randomness today!

  • Welcome new readers!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have one more sleep until Florida. I.Am.Stoked.
  • Thanks for all the support yesterday in reference to my flight fears!  There have been over 6,000 cancelled flights in the last week out of Philadelphia so something tells me it will be a full flight, but I am still crossing my fingers for a free seat next to me!
  • Please go Casey’s page, read this post, and if you have it…give it.  Yeah, the economy sucks, but every little bit counts. 
  •  I have five half-started posts waiting to be finished. 
  • For some reason every time I post on Rachael’s blog it double-posts.  It apparently really bothers this guy!  But that’s okay…it got him to read (and quickly fall in love with) my blog 🙂
  • I love all the wonderful emails you all sent me in reference to my give-a-way–> looks like the easy format was a hit!
  • Julie and Suzy and Cathy all awarded me the SunShine Award 🙂  I feel so loved- Thanks girls!  I’ll be paying this forward sometime next week.
  • I have an insanely busy day today; half-day work, ice skating field trip, night conferences which I am leaving early in hopes of getting to my Team Meeting for an hour or so.  Then home to pack 🙂
  • I finally went to Pilates last night!
  • I dropped my Tuesday Magazine class.  As much as I wanted to love it, is how much I hated it.
  • Pilates is better than class!
  • The new instructor reminds me of the grandma in Something About Mary, except much buffer and without the cigarette hanging from her mouth.  She is crazy hardcore, has a hysterical accent and I loved every second of the class!
  • The Redhead and I have some seriously hysterical stuff planned for the race.  The more ridiculous, the better!
  • Has anyone ever ordered a wet-suit online?  It is so much cheaper but because I am so short I am afraid it won’t fit.  Experiences??  Anyone??  Bueller??
  • I think about random things on the treadmill and last night it dawned on me I need to update my blogroll.  Don’t be shy- if you aren’t there, and want to be, speak up!
  • I was featured today on Robin’s blog- what a wonderful post to see first thing in the morning- Thanks Robin!
  • I wish I kept better track of people’s races and give-a-ways so I could plug them.  Sorry guys, just not my department.
  • Philly Women’s Triathlon was rated one of the TOP 5 women’s tri’s in the world by Triathlete mag this month- woo-hoo! Go CGI!
  • Everyday I find new ways in which blogging is like “real life”; sometimes it makes me smile and sometimes it reminds me of high school and I want to throw up.
  • After reading this list do you need any more evidence that I am A.D.D????

And moving on to the good stuff….


For giveaway #1, I picked a name out of a bowl.

The Winner Is……….

 *And you will just have to trust me because for some reason the photos aren’t uploading…I’ll try again tonight*

LIBBY @ From O to Runner

For giveaway #2 I listed the names in order of when the emails came into my inbox.  Then, I emailed my mom and asked her to give me a number between 25-47 (two random numbers I chose).  She chose # 33  and the winner is….

SUZY @ Running On My Time

Congrats girls!  Send me your addresses (and Libby I need your sock size) and I will be sending out the packages after I return from Florida.  Thank you to everyone who participated!!!!


Ok kids…I’m out of bloggieland until Monday.  Not that I think you ever could or would, but don’t forget about me 🙂  I’ll be back with the three-part post and picture fest next week.  And I’ll be diligently working on what is sure to be a very full google reader!  Have a lovely weekend 🙂


19 thoughts on “Being Random & Give-A-Way Winners

  1. I can’t keep up either which is why I always blanket with a “rock your races & long runs” because there is just so many! But I love everyone and always wish them the best!

    Tomorrow, tomorrow, you come to Florida tomorrow!!!!!!!! It’s only a day away!


  2. Nice write up Jill…
    Your quote “You are the author of your own story and you should aim to write a great book!”
    I love it…send it to ViF so I can post it for Monday Motivation or Victors’ shared words. Or I might just do it anyway…lol!
    Have a great time in Florida and best of luck on the run, wish I was there with ya!

  3. Points tonight.
    1. Have a great race!
    2. So awesome that you got the bloggy award from so many.
    3. I WON!!!! Wow, so surprised. Off to e-mail you.

  4. Ack, so close! Number 32 …

    I’ve noticed the double posting, perhaps you’ve noticed that I don’t delete the second comment usually … that’s because I’m a comment beast and like to see one number more … haha!
    Rick is a funny guy, he is so nice and he puts so much thought into his comments and his posts and everything he does. He named his Garmin after me, haha!

  5. Hope you have a safe, on-time, flight!

    Ugh. I hate when blogging feels like high school. I have kind of gotten away from those blogs, but I still run into it from time to time. I feel so awful when I read blogs where the person is obviously very down on themselves, and it’s all they talk about. You can’t really help them.

  6. Yay, I’m excited 🙂 I hope you have a fabulous time in FL, if I were closer I would totally come meet up with you and Morgan and Robin. Good luck on the race!

  7. Have fun in Florida Jill and make it a good race!

    And how could I forget about you? I love reading your blog and it’s Monday before we both know it.

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