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Vacation Recap!


  • No actual running takes place in this post.
  • You will not see any tu-tu’s in this post.
  • This will be a really long post.


The trip started with my flight out of Philly to Orlando.  That morning was crazy; my grandfather passed away and I hadn’t even finished packing yet.  I spent some time with family, who all 100% totally supported me, and then came back with my mom to finish packing.  We were just getting done as my Aunt Donna pulled up to take me to the airport.   Then it was time to fly 🙂  I flew Southwest which I love, but because they don’t give you a seat I get nervous that I won’t have a window.  And I need a window.  But I was fairly early in the boarding line-up and got a window.  Then two kids sat next to me and I was like “UGH!” but then they moved to the back with their parents and a couple who was fighting sat down.  I wanted the kids back.  The couple fought pretty much the entire flight, and the girl talked to me the entire time!!!  Oh, and there was a crying baby two rows ahead of me.  And actually crying is an understatement!  Needless to say, I was so happy to land in sunny Orlando!  Once I landed, I called Morgan and within ten minutes she was there and the trip was officially started!  The second she got out of the car, we instantly began chattting and it was as if we had been friends forever!  She was so excited to be taller than me (half-inch!) and I was so excited that she thought I had big boobs (big is relative!)!

Once we got back to her apartment (which is right above a Ross and Target, amongst other things) we went down to Jason’s Deli for dinner.  This place is awesome and they need to bring them to NJ.  It was so much more than just a deli.  They had so many fabulous wraps and sandwhiches to offer, but we both settled on the salad bar.  This salad bar had everything you could imagine!  I made a giant plate with Spinach and Spring Greens and then had a smaller side plate of hummus and crackers.  And to top it off, the salad bar came with dessert; I had two little corn muffins and a small dish of vanilla ice cream.  It was yummy! 

After dinner, we went to Ross so Morgan could find a dress for the next night.  She did and it was super cute!  Then we went back to shower and get ready for a night out.  We went to Cowboys and all I can say is this place is hysterical!  People watching at it’s finest.  We were cracking each other up pointing out some of the amazing  outfits (read: fashion distasters and trashy looks) people were wearing.  Some of the great looks included half-top shirts, netted wear and the winner was a woman in full leopard with a fatigues hat.  Oh, and it was so weird to me that people smoke in bars there- I coudn’t get over how bizzarre that was because it has been years since you could do that in NJ and even longer in PA.  Anyway, we spent most of the night hanging out inside with all the really bad dancers; one girl looked like Rhianna on crack and she was whipping her neck so hard I thought she might break it and another right in front of us, who reminded me of an STD, kept making out with her boyfriend all  night.  Then some dude walked by, stopped and looked at us and was like “heeeeeyyy” and kept walking.  So we took our party of two outside in front of the fire.  The rest of the night we spent hanging out with her friend Erin that met up with us but because we both were tired from long days we called it a night at about 11:30 (which is actually really late for me, sad as that may seem) and headed home.  I was probably asleep in five minutes!

At Cowboys- first night out in O-town!


Wake up call was bright and early at 6:30 so we could get a good start on the day!  We were out and about by 8am; first up was a quick breakfast and then Morgan had to run a few errands.  One place we stopped was Track Shack, the local running store.  It was super cute and even though I can get my stuff at HRC in NJ, I am all about supporting a local running store so I picked up a few things.  And of course we took pics…

 Trying to blend in!

She loves this place! 

After the errands were done with, we met up with Robin for some lunch 🙂  Morgan and her had already met previously and run together before but for me it was super exciting to meet another blogger I love!  And of course we talked about all things body glide, work-out clothes, missing toenails and our running times/distances.  It was so much fun to talk with other runners who totally get it.  Robin had to get back to work but we took a few minutes after lunch to sneak some photos in at the park.

The nice posed shot 🙂

And the “pretend like your running” shot, which Robin wanted no part of; she’s like “theeeessssee two!”

 After lunch Morgan and I were headed to the Outlets.  Neither of us were really in a shopping mood but it was sunny and 68* out so we enjoyed being in the nice weather.  (Note: every person in Florida thinks the high sixties is still “a bit on the chilly side” but I was out and about the whole time in short sleeves and sandals, loving every second!) 

Love ♥

On our way out of the outlets Morgan had the great idea to get Strawberry Slushies from Sonic.  Ah-Maz-Ing.  We have Sonic but none super close to me so this was a real treat!  When we got home from the Outlets we had some downtime so Morgan finished up my Tu-Tu and we relaxed until dinner.

Dinner that night was at Capone’s; I had set it up months ago through a friend of my mom’s who works there.  We were so excited to get all dressed up and Morgan’s roomate Dawn did our make-up.  Dawn is really good with color and she did an awesome job.  I LOVED my look!  We got to get in through the “back way”, see some backstage action and after a pre-dinner glass of wine we were seated right up front!  The dinner was buffet, and to be honest it was just okay, but the show more than made up for it.  The show was super funny and if you are ever in the Orlando area I would suggest highly making it a night out. 

All dressed up!

Indulging with a glass of wine

With Angela; check out my eyes…love the make-up!

 With the cast of Capone’s Dinner Show 

Once the show was over we headed over to Universal to check out Mardi Gras along the City Walk.  We went in a few stores, took some pics, got some coffee and hot chocolate (or cocoa as Morgan calls it) and enjoyed another nice night just chatting and walking around. 

In front of the Globe, enjoying our hot drinks!

Just being my dorky self!


Another early wake up call as we were headed to Jacksonville!  The trip up to Jacksonville was uneventful (except we almost got hit by a car on a pee stop at McDonalds) and we arrived to the expo just as we planned around 11:30am.  The expo was nice; we got some free goodies (including a great shirt from one of Morgans friend), looked around and took some pics. 

At the expo 🙂

Then we were off to meet Christy for lunch.  The second we met up we were all chatting like a trio of school girls.  We decided to eat outside at Panera because it was 70* and BEAUTIFUL out!!!  We ended up there for close to three hours.  More proof of how running brings people together.  We had an awesome time but it was getting late and we had to say good-bye.  Luckily, Christy was volunteering the race and we knew we would see her the next day. 

It was wear black to lunch day at Panera!

Once we checked into the hotel, we unpacked our expo goodie bags, put on our new running shirts and headed down to the beach to take some photos.  It was so great to put my feet in the sand and water 🙂 

The shirts say “Just Run” and they are super comfortable!

Feet in the water, toes in the sand!!!!!!

Our hotel was at Mile 20 of the race.  No Mile 20 for us that day!!!!!

Then we headed over to the local Publix (love it there, and wish NJ had one!) to get some stuff for the night and next morning.  After Morgan “pooped the bed” (she got chocolate all over the white comforter!!!) we got out all our race stuff and made dinner. Then Morgan attempted to cut our socks so that they could stirrup over our running socks.  Hers turned out great; mine not so much as she ended up cutting off half my sock!  We were hysterical, and possibly deliriously tired!  By 7:30 we were settled into bed reading and watching TV.  Of course, other people in the hotel did not have the same idea we did and they were LOUD!  First, on my way downstairs to get butter for dinner, I was in the elevator with four women who were “omg sooooooooo wasted!”, headed out to the bar and already entirely too obnoxious for my liking.  When I asked if they were here for the race, one lady answered “yeah of course, why you don’t think we can run” and I just pointed to their beer and they just laughed.  Whatev.  We aren’t even sure they got up the next morning!  In addition to that mess, we had a room full of kids next to us screaming and yelling.  A group took out a block of rooms and put all the kids in the one room together.  We gave them till 8:30pm before we called the front desk.  We weren’t the first to complain, and they got a stern warning that they would be asked to leave if the noise kept up.  And they were quiet as mice the rest of the night.  Once we had that taken care of it was time for bed.


4:15 wake up call- race day was finally here!!!!!!!!!

 Getting ready 🙂

Pointing out the epic sock FAIL!

Running for my Mom-Mom, a two-time survivor!

5:30am, 37* and off to the race!


……..Stay Tuned For The Race Report……..



*I am sure I missed a lot…it was a crazy-fun-non-stop trip and I had a blast!!!  I am still trying to catch up on my reader (I won’t lie, I had to mostly start from scratch) and with my life in general.  Things, I hope, will be back to normal around here soon! 

16 thoughts on “Vacation Recap!

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!! You did a great job capturing all the non-stop madness/funness/randomness/craziness/WTF’ness! 🙂

    I keep looking over the pics and just reliving the whole weekend, man we packed so much in! Like for real we were running non-stop both figuratively and literally!

    Next up… RACE RECAP! YAY!!!!

    Thank you again for coming down and spending the weekend, I hope you had a blast and the trip will live down in infamy! xoxo ❤

  2. Jillian,
    What can I say you are such a trip…
    You probably didn’t stop talking the whole trip…lol!
    So glad you had a great time…can’t wait to hear about the race!
    Can’t just imagine the looks you two got in the Tu Tus…OMG!


  3. Hi little Jill,
    Oh my gosh, how long did it take you to post this? I love the play by play for everyday! Thanks so much for including all of the wonderful pictures:) You did good! You girls are so cute and so darn happy:) I absolutely love the picture of you with your jeans rolled up where you are standing in the ocean!! I will stay tuned for the rest of your race report:)

  4. lol i was like WHY IS THERE NO RUNNING IN THIS POST??? you have set us up with a teaser!!! 🙂 can’t wait to read about it. what a fab trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want the ocean!!!!!!!

  5. Your trip sounds so fun!

    People walking around in short-sleeves in the mid-60’s here in Vegas always makes me think “Tourist!”. I’m still wearing a coat then! 🙂

    I like visiting local running stores in different towns, so I can definitely see the appeal in visiting the Track Shack!

    Can’t wait for your race report!

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