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Hips Don’t Lie

There will not be a full week in review this week.  A- this has not been a week I would like to review; there were way more downs than up, and B- there is not much working-out to review. 

I did manage to get some ab work and lifting in (arms) plus two runs.  First run was Thursday night and it was okay at best.  My hip was not cooperating at all and it was mostly just a fast walk.  I also went for a run today; it was Casey’s Virtual marathon relay and I took on one 5.2 mile leg.  I ended up doing a full 6 miles but it wasn’t a great run.  Actually, it sucked.  So I contributed a super slow time to the relay (sorry!) AND on top of it, I forgot to take a photo for .30 second time deduction. 

So about my hip…I am letting it win.  I give in.  Shakira was rightl Hips don’t lie.  And mine is pissed off!  I am going to do my running miles on the elliptical this week and give my hip a break.  I am not interested in making a bad thing worse and risking missing a race down the line.  I see the Chiro for ART Tuesday, and again Friday…hopefully that, plus a week of rest will help. 

Oh, and back to swimming tomorrow morning 🙂  Can’t wait to get in the pool!!!

I know, short post!  But, I have a few really good ones in the vault that I am working on 🙂

11 thoughts on “Hips Don’t Lie

  1. oooh you are so lucky you like the pool. it’s the best thing for you!!!! is the elliptical hard on hips? i avoid the elliptical at all costs. hehe. i recommend pigeon pose!

  2. You are right! Hips don’t lie! I have had a tender hip ever since I ran my first marathon five years ago. It only flares up every now and then, but when it does, I pay for it. Sometimes the elliptical makes it worse for me. Maybe I put the resistance too high…not sure. The thing that I have found that helps me the most is shortening my stride.

  3. Oh Jill, please be careful and watch your hips. I have had some issues with mine too and it did get a little better with some rest. Make sure to stretch good and ice it!! I hope that you have a wonderful week:)

  4. Hips are serious bidness – I’ve fractured my femoral neck. Twice. Be careful with that one, even on the ellip!

    Annnnd – what can you tell me about ART? My hip business is (for the most part) good to go, but I have some other aches that I’m wondering if ART would help. Any advice?

  5. ugh, i’ve been having hip issues the past few weeks too. i totally feel your pain, so frustrating. i tried to give myself a break last week, and now just plain feel guilty. boo 😦 but i think your elliptical idea is brilliant, good call! hope you have a good week.

  6. Good idea to give your hip a rest, if you keep running you might make it worse. Hopefully the swimming will help.

    Take it easy Jill.

  7. Take care of that Hip. I’ve heard hip fracture or anything close to that are the worst..so do whats needed to avoid any of that:) Cross train it away!

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